Monday, June 07, 2010

Expansion Overload

  • What a great job by Big 12 bully Texas of making Nebraska look like the heavy. If Nebraska leaves the Big 12, Texas will likely take five teams with it, and join the Pac 10. If Nebraska stays, Texas stays. No one really cares what Missouri does (expect Missouri and its fans). If Missouri is the only team to exit, which seems unlikely, the Big 12 would just invite someone else.
  • Nebraska is tired of the Texas tilt in the Big 12. If the Big Ten invites Nebraska, I think it's clear the Cornhuskers are gone. And really, the Big Ten is a better fit. Obviously, the Big Ten is at least interested.
  • The Big Ten started this entire dust up, in part, to try and force Notre Dame to look into the future and see itself on the outside looking in. It may work. I doubt it.
  • Forget the 18 months. This is all going down soon. Iowa State fans are worried when the music stops, the Cyclones won't have a chair. Cyclone fans who want to stay in a BCS conference should hope the Big 12 stays together, which it may. If not, the Cyclones will land somewhere, but it won't be the Big Ten. Iowa State doesn't offer the TV market, football following, or revenue that the Big Ten cares about. It's not about education. What a joke.
  • Hawkeye fans are much more excited. Just thinking about rivalries with Nebraska and Notre Dame is enough to quicken the pulse. There's a downside too. Iowa risks being a less important cog in the conference.
  • I find it a little sad that we're seeing the extent college football runs the show. It's all about football. More accurately, it's all about football money. Presidents and ADs have seen what kind of money conference championships and TV deals bring. Now they're eyeing some kind of mega-conference playoff. Nothing will ever be the same.
  • It is nice to have something passionate to talk about in Iowa in June.

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