Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cyclone Surprise, Nebraska Nervous, Having a Cow

  • Nice road win for Iowa State Thursday night. Virginia didn't have its leading scorer, but anytime you go to an ACC school and win by 13, you take it. Fred Hoiberg and staff are working wonders with a thin lineup. The Cyclones should start Big 12 play 13-2. Raise your hand if you thought that possible.
  • North Carolina won a wildly entertaining Music City Bowl in double OT over Tennessee. Vol fans can't blame this one on Lane Kiffin. The officials, that's another matter.
  • Kansas State got hosed by a too literal interpretation of excessive celebration. Syracuse takes the Pinstripe.
  • As I type, Nebraska trails Washington by 10. No one wanted this rematch after Nebraska won by 35 in September, but you had to figure Washington would have more incentive.
  • Taylor Martinez cannot pass. In 2010 (and 2011), you have to have that ability to lead your team to a title.
  • I'm a cow owner. That's right. My parents gave us a cow for Christmas. Well, leased us a cow. We have Bonnie for a year. That's her on the right:


Anonymous said...

What on earth do you do with a leased cow?

Keith Murphy said...

We take the kids to visit Bonnie. Eat some of her cheese. Put her picture on the wall next to the kids' school pictures...

Chad said...

How do you lease a cow? Are there advertisements for this? I would have never thought about it. Although, I think it's better than having a star named after you.

Nancy C. said...

We have had a thousand Bonnies in our 20 years on this central Iowa cattle ranch...yours is cuter. I'm slightly jealous. But we get ribeyes, fillets mignon, and London broils instead of cheese.