Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favre Is Back. Wait, Never Mind.

  • When I first heard the news Brett Favre would start for the Vikings on Monday Night Football, I was surprised. Why? Even though Favre hadn't practiced, we should have known he wouldn't miss a game suddenly getting this much attention. Favre didn't last long, but no one should question his toughness. It's easy to say Favre's overstayed his welcome, but I find the NFL more interesting with ol' #4 in it.
  • It was cool to see the Vikings playing outdoors, where they belong, but the forecast of brutal conditions didn't really come true. Sure, it was really cold, but no one will mistake it for the Ice Bowl. Well, maybe Chris Hassel. He was there. Can't wait for his stories about his night watching football on the Arctic Circle.
  • Devin Hester is ridiculous Wow.
  • Congrats to all you Bears fans---Chris and Shawn included. I sure didn't see the Bears winning a division title. I still don't think Chicago is a Super Bowl contender, but compared to the Vikings, the Bears are walking tall.
  • Lisa Bluder just won her 200th game at Iowa. Hard to believe Lisa left Drake that long ago. She took her dream job in 2000 and has won more than people realize. She has her best team this year too. Iowa is #14 and rising.
  • Geno Auriemma is wrong. Most of us don't "hate" UConn breaking UCLA's streak for consecutive wins (88). You know why? Because UConn isn't breaking UCLA's record. Connecticut already owns the women's record. UCLA will continue to have the men's record. They're not the same thing. It's a remarkable accomplishment, just not one I really care about.
  • My son spent $40 at his school fundraiser buying us presents with our own money. It's the thought, and we'll cherish the chipped coffee cup and candle that's missing the wick.

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