Thursday, December 30, 2010

Planes, No Trains, Automobiles Still Possible

  • Chris Hassel and Shawn Terrell remain stranded in Memphis, unable to complete their trip to Des Moines. Shawn is Neal Page, Chris is Del Griffith. Wish them luck. And remember, the people train runs out of Stubbville.
  • UNI's defense of the MVC title gets off to a really shaky start with a stunning home loss to Missouri State. The Panthers had won 21 straight games at the McLeod Center.
  • Iowa doesn't have enough talent to win many games in the Big Ten, but at least the Hawkeyes play hard and look like they're having fun. That's an upgrade.
  • Did you see FAMU's uniforms in the Iowa State women's game? My eyes still hurt. Bright orange and green just don't work well together.
  • Even knowing nothing matters more to most fans than winning, I'm still taken aback how much the Insight Bowl made most Hawk fans feel a lot better. I'm glad though. No one needs eight months of bad moods.
  • Brett Favre got off too easy. Bad choice of words.
  • The best show no one watches is Men of a Certain Age on TNT.

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