Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hawkeye Gut-Check, Coker Is A Man, The A-Rob Blues

  • What an entertaining Insight Bowl! Wow. Just when it appeared Iowa was powerless to stop Missouri Quarterback Blaine Gabbert, Gabbert got greedy, made a terrible pass, and Iowa's Micah Hyde turned it into an all-time Hawkeye highlight. The pick-six changed everything. Iowa gut-checks, wins the Insight, 27-24.
  • The Hawks were due a break, and they got one when officials overturned a late, key first down catch for the Tigers. I don't think the Missouri receiver had possession, but I didn't think the replay showed conclusive proof, so I was surprised the call was flipped.
  • Great clinching playcall by much maligned offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe. The bootleg pass to tight end Allen Reisner, who then ran and flipped all the way to the one yard line, was another exciting highlight in a game full of them.
  • Marcus Coker is a man. 219 yards and 2 touchdowns as a true freshman on that stage. Coker was so good, Kirk Ferentz even let him talk to the media, rare for a Freshman. Coker runs over some people, and by others. Props to the Iowa O-line too for opening holes Ed Wilson could run through.
  • Ricky Stanzi will be remembered as one of Iowa's all-time top quarterbacks. I think he'll have a shot at an NFL career, but the Insight looked like a future NFL back-up (Stanzi) against a future NFL starter (Gabbert).
  • Classy move by Kirk Ferentz to have Stanzi take a knee at end instead of going Bielema for another six.
  • Nothing heals fans' feelings and concerns like winning. How much better do most Iowa fans feel today?
  • Adam Robinson's citation for marijuana possession hit me hard. I strive for objectivity, but I've gotten to know, and like, Adam over the years. His unexpected success at the U of I was a source of pride for many people in Des Moines, me included. Adam is soft-spoken, thoughtful, and well mannered. A suspension and pot possession charge don't change that, but it does call into question his judgement. Robinson knew Kirk Ferentz put him on notice three weeks ago when he suspended him for violating unspecified team rules. There was absolutely no room for Adam to put himself in a bad position, and it appears he did. He's 21, he made a mistake. I've made more than my share. I hope Adam learns from this wake-up call and goes on to great things. I just wonder if it will be at the University of Iowa. Kirk Ferentz would not discuss it at the post-game news conference.
  • A friend of mine, Leon Emmons, said Joe Webb is like Mike Vick without the dogs. Now Leon is a Vikings homer, so the comment seemed silly, but I have to hand it to Webb--and Leon--for one night, Webb outplayed Vick. The Vikings upset the Eagles in Philadelphia. Who saw that coming? And how many dual Viking/Hawkeye fans had picture-in-picture going late Tuesday night?
  • The Bears, Bears!, still have a shot at the #1 seed.
  • I tried to see "True Grit" on Christmas. Sold out everywhere. Dang.
  • Great job by Chris Hassel and Shawn Terrell at the Insight Bowl. Come home soon, guys. We ordered some snow and rain.

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