Monday, December 06, 2010

Dick Nutt, Empty Arenas, Poor Huskers

My new favorite coach is Southeast Missouri State's Dick Nutt. The Nutt is riding a 17-game losing streak, and it's actually an improvement on where the program was before he got there. Last year, in his first season, he snapped a 21-game losing streak in his third game. Give it up for Dick Nutt!

I hope Iowa State never wears Red, at home, again. The new court at Hilton looks fine when the Cyclones are wearing white, but when they're in all red's, the two different shades of red drive me crazy.

I took this pic with 15 mins left
 It seems as if Hilton Coliseum has employed the old Kinnick Stadium ticket counting system. The announced crowd at tonight's game is over 12-thousand. I'd say there may have been half that, if we can count the players --- and ISU's scout team.

Bring your own elephant night
 I'm interested to see what kind of crowd shows up in Iowa City, on Tuesday, for the UNI-Iowa game. All U of I students get in free, but I don't think they're giving out free pizza this year, and that will definitely hurt. I expect a close game, but I think the Panthers will get it done in front of about 80 students, and 10-thousand fans. Hopefully, it doesn't look like this...

Someone told me that Iowa was going to bring back the old Halloween theme song before tip off at Carver, this season. It was just a tease. In case you forgot, every game used to start with this in the 90's

Iowa and Missouri will meet up in Phoenix at the Insight Bowl, December 28th. The last time the Hawks and Tigers played each other on the football field, Arizona wasn't even a state. It was 1910. The only thing I like about *this bowl season, compared to others in the past, is that we don't have to wait 6-8 weeks between games. When Iowa played USC in the Orange Bowl in 2002, there were nearly two months between games. This year, there's just over a month. Still, that's waaaaaaay too long (but apparently it's not long enough to have a playoff).

I can't believe I'm about to type this...but, I actually feel bad for the Huskers. Not only do they have to go back to the Holiday Bowl for the second year in a row, they have to play Washington for the second time, this season (Neb won by 35 in September). And here's the kicker --- they play AGAIN, next season. If they play the Huskies in the Rose Bowl in 2011, they will have played 4 times in 15 months.



Dave said...

As a Husker fan, thanks for the empathy. You and Andy, although you don't like Nebraska, are good-natured. Chris, however, not so much. We are decent people, really.

dogbo said...

It is PAID attendance, not actual.