Monday, December 13, 2010

Sexy on SoundOff, EmBEARassing, Angry Viewers

  • The Cityview sexiest people issue is out this week. I'm told it features someone from SoundOff, and as you might guess, it's not me.
  • If there's anything more miserable than watching a football game in a blizzard, it's watching your team get dominated in a blizzard. Bears fans had to watch the Patriots leave no doubt about who's a Super Bowl contender, and who's not. Tom Brady is in the zone.
  • Entertaining Sunday night game between the Eagles and Cowboys. Mike Vick made mistakes, but he's still better than I ever thought he'd be, and better than he ever was before prison.
  • I know the NFL wants to see Favre's ironman streak continue, but collapsing the Metrodome to give Favre an extra day and a half to heal seems extreme.
  • It was nice to see the Cyclones and Hawkeyes play a fan-friendly, entertaining basketball game Friday night. I thought Iowa would win at home, but Scott Christopherson wasn't having it.
  • SoundOff had an almost angry vibe to it Sunday night. 90% of the callers and emailers wanted to talk DJK, not Cy-Hawk basketball. Most fans fear the bad news isn't over.
  • Andy went off on tins of popcorn as a gift. I kind of like them.


Anonymous said...

I love the popcorn tins. Best eaten when all 3 flavors are mixed together!

Tim + Janice said...
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Anonymous said...

So who is going to be the first to talk about all the failed drug tests happening at the UI? Are you guys going to report on what's happening, or does the University get to have all the power of information here?

Tim + Janice said...

Best one so far: 'Six of One' and 'Half Dozen of Another' ....I love that!