Thursday, December 23, 2010

NCAA, Alford, and Energy

So the NCAA suspends five Ohio State football players, but the suspensions won't be served until next season. In other words, Pryor and company can play in the Sugar Bowl. Laughable.

Steve Alford has an 86-27 record since taking over at New Mexico in 2007. That's impressive, even in the Mountain West Conference.

The Iowa Energy has the best record in the D-League and, on the outside, appear to be a well-run organization. Still, I've been to dozens of their games, and never seen more than a thousand people in attendance. Any thoughts on why so few care about the team?



Anonymous said...

Because it's the NBDL. I would bet that if you asked 10 random people on the street what that stood for, 1 would get it right, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, find someone who really cares about the NBA. Maybe 3 out of ten? Personally I can't wait for a possible lockout. Enough of worthless psuedo-basketball highlights.

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