Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blackhawks Comeback, Energy Title, Old School I-Cubs American Association, & I Suck At Technology


I realize Des Moines and Iowa aren't exactly hockey hotbeds.  Aside from the Bucs and smattering of USHL teams across the state, we never caught on to it like our neighbors to the north.  But the NHL Playoffs are, save maybe the NFL and the NCAA Basketball Tournament, some of the best playoffs you can watch.  There is nothing better than a sudden death overtime playoff hockey game, especially if it goes several overtimes. 

The Blackhawks comeback is amazing, yet not that improbable.  If any team could rally from down 3-0, it's a defending Stanley Cup champion.  And with Patrick Kane and Jonathon Toews (I swear he looks no different than when I covered him as a sophomore at North Dakota) it's not like they are a typical #8 seed.  The Canucks have a history of gagging in the playoffs, and it's got to be weighing on them.  I say the Blackhawks finish the comeback and take Game 7.

The Iowa Energy are on the verge of a title in the D-League after winning Game 1 at Rio Grande Valley Sunday night.  They're back home Wednesday for what could be the title clincher.  Get a good look at Nick Nurse and Curtis Stinson since they will likely be heading for greener NBA pastures next year. 

The Energy have struggled at times to draw, but in the playoffs they've had brilliant promotions to help get more people out.  The White Out promotion will be a big hit and hopefully the boost they need to bring home a title.

Speaking of, when was the last time a professional team in Des Moines won a league championship?  Excluding the Bucs (since it's mostly college and high school age guys I don't think you can call them the pros), I think you'd have to go back to 1993 when the Iowa Cubs won the American Association.  That's a drought people.....

One Crazy Dude

I remember that team well.  They had some legit pitching talent (Steve Trachsel, Jim Bullinger, Shawn Boskie, Ed Vosberg, and one of the great all time characters in Turk Wendell).  They played Nashville for the title and when they came back to Des Moines for Game 4 I saw my first ever Grand Slam, and my dad ran me over to make a diving catch of a foul ball. 

I watched Game 7 on Iowa Public TV.  The game went to extra innings and around ten I turned away for just a moment to watch (not kidding here), the WHO news at ten, only to have them show a live aerial shot of Sec Taylor Stadium (what us old folks called the place back in the day) and say "And Karl (Tuffy) Rhoads has just hit a game winning homerun!"  Never turn off a tied baseball or hockey game.  And I miss the American Association and going to games with my dad.

In last night's blog Chris talked about his Playstation network and his NetFlix and all this and that.  It makes me realize that I suck at technology.  My TV is the one I got for my birthday in 1996 and thus not HD (Which means Keith looks at me as some form of lower life form).  I've only just switched to DVD's from VHS and now apparently I have to get blue ray and Internet movies?  I do have a Playstation 2 but apparently the kids play a third one or XBOX.  I thought my IPod was cool until it got stolen and the next generation thing is barely the size of a paper clip and twice as expensive.  I don't know what half the hashtag lingo on Twitter means (but you can still follow me @IceBorg).  I guess I miss going to games with my dad because I have BECOME my dad.

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