Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy 600th, Record-setting Cubs, Birthday Shirt


Happy 600th, Murphy's Law! Only 399 more blog posts until we hit one-thousand. According to my math, that should occur in late May of 2012. Oh...and Happy Easter.

The Hawkeye football program has earned its fair share of negative publicity, over the last few months. On Saturday, they earned some positive publicity.

I've really been struggling to find entertainment, late at night. The 'Playstation Network' has been down, since Wednesday. That means no Netflix! It's 2:41am (Sunday Morning), and I'm watching some show about gigolos. Sadly, it's kind of entertaining.

The Cubs set an MLB record, Saturday -- a record for mediocrity. They become the first team in major league history to go 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8, 9-9, and 10-10. Who knows, maybe 81-81 will win the division.

Dallas Clark offered up some positive news on the NFL lockout. The Colts tight end says he isn't worried about the lockout affecting the season. Clark says he's confident the players and owners will come to an agreement before the season begins. If he's wrong, bowling will finally get its opportunity to go mainstream.

The Barnstormers lost by one point, on a last-second field goal.
The Barnstormers lost by one point, on a last-second field goal.
It happened two weeks in a row.

How can any man use an electric razor? Every time I'm forced to use an electric razor, like today, I feel like I went face first into a porcupine.

My Mom, wife, sisters, and I, went out to dinner at a local Mexican joint, tonight. I had no idea what soccer game was on, but there were, at times, 6 employees standing right in front of the tv (which was right next to our table). I couldn't see the screen, by from the high-fiving, and dancing, it must have been the highest scoring game in soccer history. There was also a woman that came in wearing a tank top that read "It's my birthday B!TCH". Can't make it up....

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