Saturday, April 09, 2011

Severe Weather Blowout, SJ Tightens Up, Rory Roars

Severe weather was the theme
of the night
Severe weather was the flavor of the day here in the Channel 13 studios. Jeriann and Brett had to break into Law & Order to keep us updated on a tornado outburst in north central Iowa. It always amazes me how many calls we get from angry viewers. We could break in on a tape delayed figure skating event in El Salvador, and we'd still get dozens of irate people calling up and letting us hear it. Hey, you know what? You're not the only ones being inconvenienced by severe weather -- the sports department included. We had our entire sportscast scrapped. It's inconvenient, but it's understandable. Get over it.

I know it's dangerous, but I always feel left out when others are experiencing severe weather, and it's totally fine where I'm located. I've always been fascinated with tornadoes and thunderstorms. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a meteorologist -- until I found out all the work that was involved.

Johnson is once again a lean,
mean, gymnastics machine
 If you didn't think Shawn Johnson was serious about making a run at the 2012 Olympics, you were wrong. Shawn is sporting a brand new body after months of hard work in the gym. She's quite a bitter taller than she was in 2008, and she's quite a bit older, as well. But, let's not forget, she was the best gymnast in the world. I wouldn't bet against her making it to London.

I honestly thought that Tiger was going to seize control in round 3 of the Masters. Instead, Tiger lost control. He fell down the leader board, and Rory McIlroy rose to the occasion. The 21-year-old has a 4-stroke lead heading into Sunday. Tiger is 7 back, and needing a miracle. It's hard to believe that it's been six years since he's won a green jacket. The good news is, it looks like he's close to finding his game again.

Brad Banks warned us that the Barnstormers would have a tough time with 0-3 Kansas City, this weekend -- and he was right. Iowa lost 62-48, falling to 2-2 on the season. The 'Stormers return home, Saturday, for a 7pm game with Chicago.


Tammie said...

People can be so clueless, pardon the expression! Maybe if the tornado was hitting their house or a loved ones they would get it! Grow up and be thankful for our technology. My sisters and I were in a mobile home in 1974 when a tornado came within 1/4 of a mile of our home. No sympathy here!

Anthill_Goddess said...

I asked hubby tonight while he was watching *a different station* what the news was saying...he told me they were "doing the news". I was shocked!! With all that is going on up North (with confirmed tornadoes ON the GROUND!) that *the other station* was just doing a regular broadcast.

I'm sorry the sports (and all the rest) got booted tonight....but I'd rather see that than have even a single person miss important information about this outbreak.

And, btw...I really am more interested in weather now that I've been though a tornado (Got "lucky" in the Woodward, IA one!) but I would do ANYTHING not to repeat going through it again. Up to and including driving to North Dakota to avoid an outbreak one year :)

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the break through weather notices when they aren't blown out of proportion. During the tornado warnings a few weeks ago, one news person stated "this is the real deal folks" full of melodrama and excitment. Maybe it was the reporter's first severe storm....only to sadly announce moments later that the storm had weakened significantly and the threat was gone. Soo much hoopla over what amounted to rain & lightening in my area. I remember when a Tornado Warning meant there was a tornado on the ground versus right conditions to produce a tornado...that used to be cared a Tornado Watch.