Friday, April 01, 2011

IceBorg the 'Rock', Fennelly TWEETS IN CAPS, Solid Gold (guys)


It was a successful start to the 2011 season for the Cubbies -- until they played the 5th inning. Chicago held a 2-0 lead on Pittsburgh when Ryan Dempster served up a grand slam to some dude named Neil Walker (seriously, have you ever heard of him?). I'd say I've already given up hope on the season, but I never had any hope to begin with.
Andy Fales and photographer Jimmy Vowell did a great job out in Cleveland. They were given fantastic access for all things Bob Feller on this special season opener. It's amazing to comprehend what Feller meant to the Indians organization. He's the best Cleveland Indian of all-time, and it's really not even close. If you missed any of Andy's reports, be sure to check them out on the video player.
IceBorg loves his Rockies
The IceBorg brought a vintage Dante Bichette jersey to work, today. It's the only known piece of Bichette memorabilia this side of the Missouri River -- other than his 3 Rockies bobbleheads.

Bill Fennelly was rumored to be interviewing for the open job at the University of Wisconsin -- until Fennelly, himself, caught wind of it. Fennelly responded to the report in the Wisconsin State Journal by tweeting (emphatically), "AMAZED at the LACK of facts in some reporting-Maybe they should ask ME what I AM doing! NOT INTERVIEWING AT WISCONSIN-LOVE IOWA STATE!" I'd say he left no doubt.

Solid GOLD
 How can you not love the 'Gold Guys'? Absolutely fantastic.

For the first time in my life, I went to The Keg Stand and didn't play shuffleboard. I filled in for Andy, on Murph 'N Andy, and cleaned out an entire bucket-o-fries. Keith made me eat most of them because he didn't want to off-set his energy-drink-to-food ratio. His diet only allowed for 500 solid calories a day. In conjunction with 4,000 liquid cals, the end result is Keith's John Basedow-like physique.

NetFlix has changed my life -- probably for the worse. I can't go to bed until I watch at least one 1930's, 40's, or 50's movie. There's just something about a movie in black and white that gets to me. That, and I love the phrase "ol' sport".

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