Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kinnick Comeback, Free JVB, Cy Sidelined

There are comebacks, and then there are comebacks like we saw, on Saturday, at Kinnick Stadium.No one (and don't give me that crap about how you were the only one to keep the faith) thought the Hawkeyes, could erase a 21-point deficit in less than 20 minutes. The offense had scored 3 points in its first 12 possessions. But as soon as Ferentz and O'Keefe took the chains off James Vandenberg, the 1st-year starter became a first-class quarterback.

Check out these stats on the final four offensive possessions, for JVB: 17-19, 220 yards, 3 TD's (oh, and he added 18 rushing yards, and a rushing touchdown). Now that's just silly.

In the end, it was the biggest comeback in Hawkeye football history, and a 31-27 stunner. But Hawkeye fans aren't only elated --- they're aggravated. They want to know (and so do I) why it took a 21-point deficit to let Vandenberg do what he does it to his big guns, out of the shotgun. He's not the kind of quarterback that likes to nibble down the field with passes to tight ends. He wants to air it out, and when he's been given the opportunity, he excels.

And why shouldn't Vandenberg air it out? The Hawkeyes have (arguably) the best wide receiving corps in program history. It's about the only unit that is living up to its potential. Not to mention, the passing game would open up some badly needed holes for Marcus Coker to run through. Forget "Free DJK", "Free JVB"!

The Cyclones had to overcome quite a bit of adversity to beat UConn, Friday...and I'm not talking about Steele's 3 INT's. Cy, ISU's mascot, fell down and broke his arm/wing. The poor guy inside the suit has to have surgery, in Omaha, on Sunday. Yeah, it's been that kind of year for the Cyclones...but you can't keep 'em down.

I was very surprised that ISU won the game. It just wasn't a game the Cyclones usually win. I picked UConn to win because I just couldn't see this team winning its first game of the season, on the road. I was wrong, and so was Vegas. The odds-makers picked ISU to win 3 games, this season. As long as the 'Clones win 1 of their last 9 games, they'll exceed expectations.

I still don't see three sure-wins on that schedule. Six wins still seems like a great season for Iowa State. I can't wait to see what they do against 3-0 Texas, after the bye-week. Jack Trice Stadium will probably be raucous as ever. And ISU will have the entire state to itself. The Hawks are off that week.

The only way this college football weekend could've been any better is if Nebraska would've blown it against Washington. The Huskers might be unbeaten, but the vaunted 'Blackshirts' are being beaten like a drum. The Nebraska 'D' has given up 67 points in its last two games.


Cy Fan said...

Um, the story I hear from people in Ames is that Cy didn't just fall down some stairs, he was pushed by a UConn fan. Pretty sad.

Carol said...

It's also UNI's home opener, so nope, ISU does NOT have the state to themselves because Panther fans will be AT THE DOME!

Keith Murphy said...

According to police, though "Cy" said on his Facebook page he was pushed, he told police he tripped and fell.

No charges have been filed.

Carol, Chris meant it was the only D1 or FBS game in the state. Many colleges in Iowa have games that day, but the largest crowd of any of those will be 15,000 fans (at most). Iowa not playing frees up 70,000 and a large television audience watching at home.

ISU should have its third straight sellout.