Thursday, October 27, 2011

4A Blowouts, Emotional Rhoads, Stache for Cash

  • When one high school football team is leading another 47-0 after one quarter, as Southeast Polk was vs Sioux City North, are there too many teams in the 4A playoffs? Yes. (Ankeny won 54-0, among several other blowouts.) It's humiliating to lose like that, and the winners risk injuries for a more closely contested playoff game.
  • Cyclone fans, and players, love Paul Rhoads' emotion, and though his body language looked silly at times during Saturday's sideline tantrum, most in Cyclone nation loved that Rhoads let officials know how they all felt. It's fair to question if Rhoads' can't control his emotions, how he expects his players to control theirs, but it can also be argued he's getting on the refs so they don't. Bottom line: He doesn't need to apologize, he is who he is, but it wouldn't hurt to curb the jumping up and down.
  • Just when you think the Big 12 has learned from its dysfunctional ways, West Virginia isn't sure whether it's in or out.
  • Wake me when this Indiana/Minnesota stretch is done. Michigan/Michigan State sounds slightly more interesting.
  • Andy backed me into a corner live on our radio show with his desire to see me looking silly with a mustache. I'm certain it's revenge for the buzzed head. Anyway, I thought I'd be fine since there's no way my boss would allow me to grow facial hair live on the air in HD, only the boss said, "sounds fun". So "No Shave November" starts Thurday with the Stashe for Cash. It's going to be a bad look, so the least I can do is try to raise some money to fight cancer. Here's more info:
  • It's not in many theaters, but if you like a good old-fashioned sports movie---the kind they say no one makes anymore---check out the "Mighty Macs". It's a formulaic, feel good movie based on a true story about a women's college basketball dynasty in the 70s that I didn't even know existed. Incredible story simplified for a G-rating, but still effective. A must-see if you have or know a girl who loves basketball.

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