Monday, October 17, 2011

Here's the thing about Steele Jantz...


Here's the thing about Steele Jantz; he's not that good --- not nearly as good as Iowa made him look. We've all been wondering when the old Steele Jantz that we saw one September afternoon would show back up. I'm now convinced that amazing showing was more a product of Iowa's defense than Jantz's magic. The Hawks let Jantz do whatever he pleased. When he has time to throw the ball, he can be great --- but so can 99% of all BCS quarterbacks. Jantz is a guy you have to pressure. As we've seen in every game (other than Iowa), Jantz is prone to make mistakes.

Take away the Iowa game and Jantz has thrown 6 TD's, to 8 INT's. And then there are the fumbles. Jantz is losing the ball at an alarming rate. Every time the guy takes off, the ball seems to squirt out like a moist bar of soap. That being said, I don't think Barnett is the answer. Jantz still gives you the best chance to win. The problem is, outside of one game vs. Kansas, those chances are pretty slim.

If you think Jantz's numbers are bad, check out how Iowa State's team stats stack up nationally. Keep in mind, there are only 120 FBS teams.

108th - Total Defense
110th - Penalties
111th - Time of Possession
115th - Kicking
115th - Scoring Defense
117th - Scoring Margin

I can't put too much blame on Rhoads, however. There aren't many teams that could put up good numbers against the level of competition ISU has been playing. Texas A&M is in town this weekend. Yikes....

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Aaron @ said...

This was practically prophetic, Chris. First play, add another INT. Yeah, the honeymoon is over...