Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big 12 Gets Bigger, Hawkeye Road Woes, Mr. Sexy


West Virginia to the Big 12, is a good get for the conference. You could argue that WVU and TCU make the conference even tougher than Missouri and Texas A&M. WVU and TCU have been to plenty of BCS bowl games, and the WVU basketball program is one of the best in the country under Huggy Bear.

Yes it will be a long trip for anyone to watch their team play in Morgantown, WV...but it's actually closer to Ames than Lubbock, TX.

The Hawkeyes haven't won on the road in 50 weeks. They're 0-for-their-last-4. Kirk Ferentz tried to defend Iowa's road woes by saying they won on the road at the Insight Bowl, in Arizona. That's not a road game. In fact, it was a virtual home game with Hawkeye fans outnumbering Missouri fans, 3-to-1. Minnesota doesn't scare anyone, but I do think there is some cause for caution. The way Iowa is playing defense, the Gophs are going to put up some points. A win, and a Michigan victory over Purdue, sets up a 3-1 Legends division showdown at Kinnick Stadium, a week from Saturday. I'm not sure this Hawkeye team is good enough to win a division title, but thanks to one of the easiest schedules in America, they'll have a chance to play for one. Iowa should control its own destiny with 4 games to play.

In other news, Minnesota's Jerry Kill just received a 7-year contract extension. Huh? Am I not right in saying that he's 1-6 in his first 7 games? The Gophers look like one of the worst teams in the history of Big Ten football. I feel bad for him for all the health issues he's had to deal with, but I'd be upset if I was a Minnesota fan. Then again, we all know Minnesota football fans don't exist. 

Hawkeye fans are having some fun with the sideline antics of Paul Rhoads. Here's to people who have way too much time on their hands. http://cuppygifs.com/tag/monkey/   

From 'Donkey Paul' to 'Rockin' Rhoads', even Cyclone fans have a good sense of humor about it. Here's a little something the folks at Wide Right Natty Light put together.http://www.widerightnattylite.com/2011/10/25/2512440/paul-rhoads-live-at-jack-trice-stadium

The MVC has released its preseason basketball poll, and you won't find a team from Iowa in the top-3. Creighton is the overwhelming favorite to win the Valley, following by Wichita State, and Indiana State. Northern Iowa is picked to place 4th, while Drake is expected to, once again, finish 7th.

My parents, teachers, coaches, friends, and co-workers, have always told me not to brag --- but I'm going to anyway. I've just been notified that I've made Cityview's list of the 100 sexiest people in Des Moines. There's a website where you can vote for the winner, but I'm sure Cityview is just trying to be nice to the other 99 people. There's no way this guy is going to lose. So as not to hurt the feelings of the other nominees, please be kind and vote for them. www.surveymonkey.com/s/f79nrtz

Here are a couple of my modeling shots:


Dave said...

I am a lifelong Iowa fan now living in Minnesota, and I want to be the first to tell you this that there are indeed Minnesota Golden Gopher football fans. In fact, they are as rabid and probably more loyal than Iowa or Iowa State fans. For all the futility that the Minnesota program has fought through over the last 50 years since their last national championship they deserve a medal. And believe me...they hate Iowa for all of our recent success...and for that couple's "interlude" at the dome a couple years ago. :)

Anonymous said...

More hating on the Cyclones Chris? You are sinking to the level of Garmin. You best check yourself. Instead of this awesome, locally made gif (http://www.widerightnattylite.com/2011/10/25/2512440/paul-rhoads-live-at-jack-trice-stadium), you link to a negative one on an Aggie site? And Monday when KCCI and WOI led with the actual top ISU story, Jared Barnett, you chose to be negative about CPR's passion for his team. Are you jealous of CPR because KF looks like he's in a coma on the sidelines?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chris but since Brooke is in that Cityview contest, no one else has a prayer. You should have a pretty good battle with Marsha Ternus though for the 82nd position.

Evil Adam said...

Sadly WVU to the Big 12 is looking less likely suddenly


As for Minnesota fans being better than Cyclone fans, they won a national championship once. That is one more time than the Cyclones have. The last time the Cyclones outright won their conference (we had a "shared" division title in 2004) was 1912.

Chris Hassel said...

I had the Rockin' Rhoads in the sportscast but didn't add it to the blog until this morning. It's nice that some Cyclone fans have a great sense of humor about it.

Cory said...

Dave, are we talking about the same "rabid and probably more loyal" Minnesota fans that seemed outnumbered in their own (new) stadium by Nebraska fans last Saturday? The same fans that were consistently matched in number by Iowa fans every time I visited the Metrodome for an Iowa-Minnesota game? Some of them care, sure, but c'mon...

Chris from Urbandale said...

Man, ripping on Gopher fans is pretty low. Maybe you have forgotten, but your beloved Hawkeyes went into TCF Bank Stadium last fall and laid a giant egg and lost Floyd of Rosedale to a crappy team with non-existent fans.

As Dave said, Gopher fans should be lauded for continuing to show up to the stadium to support the team due to its terrible performance the last few decades with exception of the Mason years.

By your logic, there are no Iowa Basketball fans either. Carver Hawkeye arena was a morgue the last few years.

As for Kill's extension, the U of M gave him the extension in place of increasing his yearly salary since they are still paying Brewster NOT to coach.

Oh, one more thing. Here's a reminder of what happened last fall-