Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cardinals Win, Andy Celebrates, Fans Yawn

  • Game 7 of the World Series was bound to be anticlimactic after the epic game 6, and it was, but it's still hard to fathom the Cardinals are the champs. A wild card team more than ten games out with a month to go? Wow.
  • The home team has won game 7 nine straight times. As a wild card team, the Cards had no business having the home field edge, but they should at least send a thank you note to Prince Fielder for the All-Star game homer.  
  • The Rangers won't be over that game 6 meltdown anytime soon. A pitch from the title twice, and they didn't get it done. That's hard to take.
  • I'm happy for Andy Fales, Dave Price, Bill Fennelly, Ryan Greening, Arnold Woods, and the many other Cardinals fans I know. To their credit, they really understand and appreciate baseball. It's a great fan base.
Andy celebrating at the Ridgemont with his friend Ryan. I think it's the 11th title for the Cardinals.

  • West Virginia in the Big 12 makes no geographical sense, but the Mountaineers are arguably an upgrade from Missouri in both football and men's basketball, the two sports that count most.
  • The SEC web site accidentally sent out a release Thursday welcoming Mizzou to the conference. It was dated October 31st. Missouri says it hasn't decided yet. Right.
  • The Big 12 says it will stay at ten teams for now. That's good for ISU financially, but bad competitively. ISU desperately needs divisions again---especially in football.
  • We're having a kids halloween party Saturday. They're even bringing in a jumpy house. It's days like this I love my family, and my DVR.
  • I can't remember a week during conference play where fans collectively cared less about Iowa State and Iowa football games, but Iowa fans know they're going to win, and Cyclone fans know they're going to lose. Maybe it won't play out that way, but that's the way it feels to each (I think the fans are right). Maybe more people in Iowa will pay attention to UNI. The #2 Panthers deserve it when playing the #3 team in the nation.
  • Hope to see you for Halloween SoundOFF Sunday night.


becky said...

Great picture Andy--my son is a huge Cardnials fan too--he has stuff all over his room and I bought him a Pujols framed picture on his birthday on the 9th of October--this was a nice late birthday present for him!! Go Cardnials!! Epic Game 6!!

becky said...

oops sorry CARDINALS

Anonymous said...

Football and basketball are the two sports that count most?