Thursday, October 13, 2011

Greenwood Miracle,TBS Torture, Laptop Crap

  • "Written In The Stars" song, or Brian Wilson's XXL chalupa ad? Which one is more likely to make you stop watching otherwise interesting baseball playoff coverage on TBS? I'd include the 117 times I've now seen Ray Romano stand up to cancer by bringing those dining ladies a check, but hey, Ray's standing up to cancer, not ranting nonsensical jibberish about a glorified burrito while wearing no beardnet.
How much more can we take?
  • Andy Fales is at game 4 in St. Louis. The Brewers win all but guarantees Andy's in a grumpy mood all weekend, which is never a bad thing for What's Bugging Andy?

    Andy Thursday night when the Cardinals were leading. The picture a few innings later would look much different.
  • Great news out of Iowa City Hospitals that Brett Greenwood is out of his medically induced coma. The nurse tells the Register's Tommy Birch it's a "miracle". She says Greenwood has spoken, though it remains unclear what kind of recovery lies ahead. Regardless, it's encouraging beyond words. I can't imagine how relieved Brett's family feels right now.
  • The ease with which we can send someone an email or a tweet leads to mostly positve connections. However, we now get so many emails for the sports office, SoundOFF, the radio show, and just personal messages, that I at times lose track of responses I intended to send at a quieter time. That's almost always a bad strategy. I know I shouldn't wait. If you've tried to reach me, and I didn't answer, I apologize. Please email again. I'm trying to keep up.
  • My laptop just crapped out. I work, on average, about four hours from home each day. I'm already lost trying to use my wife's tiny little laptop that looks like it was designed for a small child, or Prince. What do I need to buy? Should I really drop a grand on a Mac?
  • Our Hawkeye Insider, Jon Miller, of Hawkeye picked Northwestern this week. I'm not sure if Jon's using reverse psychology. Probably. I disagree with the pick. I think Iowa wins comfortably. Jon won't mind if he's wrong and I'm right.
  • Parent-teacher conferences tonight. Our two youngest are still really proud and excited to have us meet with their teachers. We better enjoy that while we can.


Aaron Foster said...

Murph, go for the MacBook Air. Just got mine a couple days before Jobs died and it ROCKS! So worth the money and such a nice computer. Do it, you won't regret it a bit!

Oprah Winfrey said...

That's really nice about your kids, Keith. Don't forget about positive reinforcement. A pat on the head or a stick of licorice can go a long way.

Lane Losh said...

I got a nice big dell laptop for 500$ and i love it! u should definately not buy an overpriced mac.