Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cards Win Again, Mom Visits Son, Tasty Taco Closes

  • Cardinals are now three wins from their 11th world championship. All 11, Andy reminds, would be since the Cubs last won in 1908.
  • Chris Carpenter wons his eighth post-season game for the Cards, breaking a tie with the legendary Bob Gibson. Surprising to me, even though Carpenter benefits from more series'.
  • Tim McCarver and Joe Buck are both lifetime Cardinals, so expect cries of biased broadcasting from all directions, especially Texas.
  • My parents are visiting. Always a treat, but more so as my mother fights off cancer a second time. SU2C.
  • Nice story by Marc Hansen in Wednesday's Des Moines Register on Bill Fennelly's cancer battle. To know Bill is to know how much the Cardinals are boosting his spirits.
  • Do you know anyone who cries when they laugh? Tears down the face? John Bachman. It happens at least once a week. Ed Wilson is usually the reason.
  • They just closed the Tasty Taco on Douglas because it wasn't busy enough. Wait, what? It was always crowded. Maybe not the typical Tasty Taco line-out-the-door crowded, but busy in a way most restaurants would love.

I'm hungry.

  • Facebook informed me I can't accept any additional friends, and I need to change my account to a "personality page". This caused me anxiety, and led to my wife saying, "Relax, this is no big deal", which is a role reversal. I attempted to change the page and ended up with a koala bear as my avatar. Long story. Anway, web producer Alisa Link is attempting to help me through this. She deserves a raise, and a hug, just for volunteering.  


Evil Adam said...

People love Koala bears, I say keep it, maybe edit the picture to have a mustache on it so Andy is happy.

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything against the Cardinals (at least they're not the Yankees) but c'mon, let someone else win for a change.

On behalf of Cubs fans everywhere I say Go Rangers! Maybe now that we have Theo Epstein we can actually make it past getting swept out of the first round of the playoffs in a couple years (once all the horrible Hendry contracts expire).

Anonymous said...

Did you really just say "let someone else win for a change"? Really? The Cards haven't won a series since 2006.. not a huge stretch, sure, but it's not like they're buying a series berth every year like the Yankees.

And your "Go Rangers" comment just proves you're a bitter fan. Unlike you, I cheer for whoever is representing the NL in the series.. EVEN IF it's the Cubs.

Note to Cub fans - Theo Epstein would be a great asset to your organization. He's a great get. BUT, the part of the season you look forward to most, um, SHOULDN'T be the OFF-SEASON.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Oh and PS Murph - Koala Bears are like puppies - you can't hate 'em. I say keep it ;)

Anonymous said...

Who is this idiot who keeps talking about koala bears? I read through the blog a second time just to be sure I wasn't missing something. But nope, I was right...Keith didn't say anything about f*&%ing koala bears in his post. There must be an inside joke I'm not getting.

Anonymous said...

The last bullet point mentions koala bears...

Anonymous said...

Yes I did say let someone else win for a change...5 years is nothing. Like I said, I have nothing against the Cards because as you said they're not trying to buy a ring each year like NY. I just hate hearing from condescending Cardinal fans all the time.

Not bitter; just don't like to see a rival win (plus I admire many of the Rangers players like Michael Young and Mike Napoli). OK maybe a little bitter (more jealous actually since the Cards seem to have much better management). Don't worry though, I blame the Cubs for losing - not a goat or Bartman or any of that crap. They've had chances in the last 10 years and blown them but since have made terrible personnel moves (see Soriano, Alfonso and Zambrano, Carlos).

I look forward to the Epstein era in Chicago because it's a step in the right direction...any rational fan can see the Cubs have a LONG way to go to be relevant in the playoffs.

Also koalas are not bears.