Monday, August 22, 2011

Decision Day for Iowa Corn

The Iowa Corn Growers Association has called a 2pm news conference for Tuesday, in Johnston. This is the press release they sent at 5:15pm, Monday evening:

"Iowa Corn representatives along with University of Iowa and Iowa State University officials will be hosting a press conference with regard to the recently unveiled Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk trophy."

Since they won't say whether or not they're going to redo the trophy, let's read between the lines a bit.

- I found it telling that they referred to the "recently unveiled" trophy, rather than the "new" trophy.
- Some people think that since Iowa and ISU reps will be there, Iowa Corn isn't going to give in. I think they're just coming to show support for a newer trophy.
- What in the world would they be holding a press conference for, if they weren't announcing that they made a mistake? I don't see it happening...but if it does, things are going to get even uglier for Iowa Corn.
- @iowa_corn is back on Twitter. The company locked its account after being bombarded by angry tweeters, over the weekend. They must be preparing for good would hope.

Andy Fales tried to get Iowa Corn PR's Mindy Williamson to secretly tell us what the press conference was about. He asked her to cough if the announcement will be about a new trophy, and to sneeze if it's not. She laughed. Then's nearly impossible to sneeze on command.

We should've known Iowa Corn couldn't be trusted in coming up with a trophy. Just look at its mascot.

Kyle Orton has taken down Superman. Orton was named the starter, in Denver, and Tim Tebow may fall all the way to third string. The Broncos still say they want to develop Tebow as a QB --- bad decision.

I hope the Hawks don't fall into the same trap with A.J. Derby. He's not a QB...he's a linebacker or maybe even a defensive end. Obviously the kid doesn't want to switch positions, but he shouldn't have a say.


Rose VanZandt said...

We can only hope that the people who are in the decision making capacity will do the right thing for Iowa football by changing the trophy!!!It's a beautiful work of art..... but it ain't no football trophy!!!!

Lloyd Bonafide said...

I served two tours of duty in Korea and I got the shrapnel scars to prove it. I lost 4 of my good friends in combat and had to leave 2, because their bodies were so mangled.
You people crying over a stupid trophy make me sick. No wonder our country has turned to a nut covered turd!

Jameson said...

haha, I just thought it was funny that you said AJ Derby shouldn't have a say. Of course he should have a say, but in the end I would have to agree, it's not going to matter what he wants.

Aaron Shaffer said...

The inspiration for the Corn mascot.