Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Longhorns, Schmucks, and Tourists

  • Texas doesn't win them all. No high school games on the Longhorn Network for at least a year. Texas will have to manage without yet another recruiting advantage.
  • Zach Johnson is a nice guy.
  • Anyone buying this Randy Moss retirement talk? Me either. He'll be back. Just as soon as the price is right.
  • UNI is the overwhelming pick to win the Valley --- and the Panthers are the closest thing to a breather on ISU's football schedule.
  • I can't believe how bad "Dinner for Schmucks" is. It's awful.
  • My expectations for "The Tourist" were so low, I found it passable. I was also oddly fascinated by Angelina Jolie's acting style in this movie. She seems completely in love with herself. She also needs to eat a sandwich.

  • Ed Littler from KHAS was out of line when he asked Kirk Ferentz to autograph a license plate for a woman Ed hoped to impress. However, Littler didn't hurt anyone, and some of the media outrage has been over-the-top. Ed needs a reprimand, not a flogging.
  • So Martensdale-St Mary's had a few players turning flips on the field after winning their second straight state championship... I wouldn't want my kids doing it, but I don't think it's a big deal. You know what is a big deal? Winning 87 straight games.
  • Dowling Catholic boys, have yourself a year why don't ya.
  • The Vikings quarterback of the future is Donovan McNabb? Great choice... 10 years ago.

  • New research shows 71% of adults consider themselves NFL fans. That number is staggering.
  • I just watched "Inception" again. I still don't get it.

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