Monday, August 08, 2011

Harrison Stops By, Non-Stop Football, Stevie Williams & Katy Perry Should Just Stop

Don't Hate Because He Did What 99% Of You Would Have Done Too
I'm new (or perhaps I should say back in the game in Iowa after being away for a while) so maybe that explains why I just don't get all the anti-Harrison Barnes stuff I've seen from some, especially the "he'll leave and never come back/completely forget Iowa".  My first impression meeting him is that he is a humble kid who very much remembers and loves his roots.  For a guy who is probably going to be making millions of dollars in the very near future, he doesn't act like he's entitled or spoiled, and that's refreshing.  Guessing his family had a lot to do with that. 

I know there were a lot of hurt feelings over how his commitment went down.  I really don't think there was any ill will in it.  And anyone who really thinks he should have stayed in Iowa is probably oblivious to the situations at Iowa State and Iowa back then.  If anything, it's too bad Barnes couldn't have been a year or two younger.  Not saying it would have stopped him from going to UNC, but with Hoiberg and some decent talent at ISU like Royce White now, the Cyclones would have been much more attractive than they were a few years ago.

Media days are coming and going.  Iowa and Iowa State are done, Northern Iowa and Drake (if you care about Bulldog Football) are up tomorrow and Tuesday.  Media days are one of those events you really anticipate and dread all at once.  You anticipate them because it signals the start of football season after a long summer of next to nothing to talk about.  You dread it, though, because they always say the same stuff regardless of where you go and it also means you have to wait another long month before an actual game is played.  I'm ready for some football right now dang it!
Will Vandy Be Dandy?
I think both the Hawks and Cyclones have the pieces in place to be at least decent, probably good, and at best potentially great, it just comes down to the man under center for both.  With Iowa I feel pretty comfortable with James VandenBerg.  He's far from proven but he's shown something when they had to stick him in as a freshman a few years ago. 
I Think The Guy On The Left Has A Better Chance Than We Realize
With Iowa State it's the opposite.  Jerome Tiller has also seen time but never really impressed.  I've really not seen anything from Steele Jantz that makes me believe he'll start.  Maybe that changes with some more time in the system, but I just don't see it when I talk to him or see him on the practice field.  Maybe I'm completely wrong there, just my opinion.  Keep an eye on Jared Barnett.  Back in spring Rhoads talked about this QB competition as a battle between Jantz and Tiller.  All of a sudden we started hearing more about Barnett at media day whom Rhoads called his most accurate passer.  If Jantz or Tiller don't wow you in practice, why not hand the reigns to Barnett?  He's presumably the QB of the future anyway, and if the other two guys don't look any good it's safe to assume you probably don't have any better a chance with them to win then you would with Barnett.

That finish in the US Cellular 250 still blows my mind and I had a front row seat.  The Iowa Speedway couldn't have had a better season.  The Sprint Cup is coming sooner or later. 
What Is This, High School Musical?
Steve Williams called Adam Scott's win at Bridgestone Invite this week the best win and weekend of his career?  Aside from the notion that caddying is a real career (kinda depends on how good the guy your with is), that is just about the most laughable bunch of BS I've ever heard.  Look, I can understand why he's still bent at Woods and I can't blame him either, I just can't respect it because it's a flat out lie.  You've been on the bag for 13 major wins and a ton of wins at this event for crying out loud.  Just be honest and ask the question Shaq asked Kobe when he won a title with the Heat in 2006 (something to do with the taste of something as I recall).  This is like high school when you break up with someone and then go date her best friend/sister/someone hotter to piss her off.  Works great in high school but grow up Stevie.  This week should have belonged more to Adam Scott and less to you.

As for Tiger, Woods seems to have a habit of blaming others for his misfortune.  He blamed the media for blowing up his extra marital problems and exacerbating the situation.  He goes through swing coaches when he blames them for his swing problem.  And then he blames his caddy for anything from bad play to carrying another guys bags when Woods is on the shelf.  At what point is Tiger really going to look in a mirror and realize that HE is the problem.
Sexy?  Yes.  Talented?  Musically, No

Katy Perry should just begin her porn career and give up this thing she calls a "music career".  She's pretty much decided to go the Nickelback "I'm gonna sell out and just sing about sex, partying and drinking" route from day one, but the songs she makes just keep getting progressively worse.  "TGIF" is terrible and I can't turn to a station and not hear it. 

And no, I'm not some prude, I like plenty of music that has sexuality in it, the difference is it is ACTUAL MUSIC.  Listen to a few Rolling Stones tunes from back in the day ("Brown Sugar" anyone?).  You know what they were singing about, but the music actually sounded good and there was some actual emphasis on the craft.  If you think I'm wrong, check back in about a decade when the Stones tunes are still getting more play despite being nearly 50 years old than the Perrys' and Kei$has' who will probably have long since gone out of rotation.


Dawn said...

Hey, how much do caddies make on the PGA tour? Just sayin!

Anonymous said...

Amen on the music part of this post, brother. I don't see what is so great about most of the Top 40 on the radio these days.