Friday, August 26, 2011

Hellboy, Steele, Raygun

  • What a cool day in baseball. Des Moines' Jeremy Hellickson strikes out four batters in one inning, and the New York Yankees hit three grand slams in one game. Which is rarer? The slams. It's the first time in MLB history. Hellickson is the third pitcher this season to strike out four in an inning.
  • Danica Patrick came to her NASCAR news conference dressed in a way that had to please her Go Daddy sponsor. Danica also confirmed she'll drive a full Nationwide schedule, and try to work in 10 Cup races too.

  • Police seized 49 pairs of athletic shoes from LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson's apartment. The shoes raised eyebrows beyond the investigation into a bar fight. 49 pairs? However, one thing I learned Thursday is that many guys say they collect sneakers the way some women keep buying black shoes that all look similar to me.
  • Even John Bachman enjoys saying the name STEELE JANTZ.
  • The climb from low to high expectations continues for the Iowa football team. Kirk Herbstreit just picked the Hawks to win the Legends division.
  • Dunkin Donuts is coming to Des Moines? This is welcome news---if I practice self control.
  • Leave it to Raygun to come up with this re-imagining for the Cy-Hawk trophy. (I wonder if it's coming to a T-shirt near you.)

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    Vicki from Ames said...

    I say this as an LSU diehard (I'm from New Orleans - in fact, my husband and I are moving there next week from Ames): I am so disappointed in the LSU program.

    Jordan Jefferson is a good QB, but I've never been a huge fan - I just don't think he's that bright. He and the other nimbobs that participated/incited this fight displayed such a lack of foresight and smarts, it's amazing.

    It's gonna be a long fall in Southern Louisiana. It'll be up to the Saints to lift our spirits.