Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lolo's Hurdle, RVTV's Schedule, ISU's Tour

  • Major props to the Des Moines Register for no longer allowing the anonymous, mean-spirited vitriol and hate of cowards who won't put their name on their opinions. Bravo.
  • Lolo Jones likes to talk about life putting hurdles in front of us. Well, Lolo had a big one Thursday: microsurgery on her spine to relieve sciatic nerve pain. Lolo's sister Angelia sent me a text saying doctors think the surgery went perfectly. Lolo expects a return to training by 2012, and a gold medal in London. Get well, Lolo.

  • Buzz is building that Texas A&M will jump to the SEC. The Aggies are tired of the Big 12 revolving around Texas. There's a lot of smoke with this one, but I'll believe it when I see it. Texas A&M has found it difficult being relevant in football in the Big 12. What do the Aggies expect in the more competitive SEC?
  • Many people know the best way to get what you feel you deserve at your current job is to have another job offer that you're willing to take. Texas played this card with the Pac 10 last year. Is that what A&M's doing with the SEC? Doesn't mean the Aggies won't jump. This tactic only works if you're willing to walk.
  • The RVTV schedule for 2011 is out: Pleasantville, Adel, Madrid, Nevada, Ames. You can find more information, and check in here:!/event.php?eid=243290662371413
  • Tim Tebow played well vs the Cowboys, though a penalty wiped out a bad INT. Kyle Orton played just one series and looked good too. Nothing changed much. Broncos fans, most of them, will still want Orton.
  • What lockout?
  • The Cyclones won big in their first game in Italy. Plus, I'll bet they had a really good pre-game meal.

  • It's only pre-season. Come on NFL, move kickoffs back to the 30. No one wants to see the end of returns. This is no time to make games less exciting.

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Damaged Rooster said...

I'm an Aggie, and I hate the idea of joining the SEC, at least for football, but A&M is tired of being perceived as riding on TU's coattails. We all know that this is all about the Longhorn Network, Dan Beebe's coddling of the teasips, and yes, Texas A&M's bruised ego.
A&M will make more money in the SEC, strengthen their recruiting base in the southeast, and gain more national exposure. Will they win more games(?)...doubtful, but IMO, they will be making a wise long term decision. The Big 12 is hanging on by a string from being just another tier 2 conference. Most importantly, they will be sticking it to TU, and in Aggieland, it's all about beating the hell out of TU in Aggieland.

And what other school's fans shows up at the stadium at midnight before a game and practices?