Monday, August 29, 2011

ISU Should Thump UNI, Soft Hawkeye Schedule, Car Periscope


Iowa State is an 11-point favorite over UNI, this Saturday. I actually thought that seemed a little low, but several people I've talked to think the Panthers will cover. I think UNI has a chance to make it a game, but it's still an FCS team playing at a Big 12 stadium. ISU needs to win, and needs to win convincingly.

BTN analyst, Gerry DiNardo, says Iowa's schedule is "the most favorable schedule in the B1G by far". I agree. However, this season, there isn't much difference between the toughest B1G schedule, and the easiest B1G schedule. The conference is way down. I'd argue that 3 of the 4 big powers in the conference (Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State), aren't expected to do what their fans have become accustomed to. Some teams are up, like Wisconsin and Michigan State, but any time three of your top schools are down, the conference as a whole will be down.

I've already heard several people talk about the possibility of Nebraska coming into the Big Ten, and rolling up 4 conference titles in 5 years. I just don't see it happening. I do think the Huskers could win it this year, but when Ohio State and Michigan recover, it's going to be a dog fight to even get to the title game. And I don't want to hear anyone say "See, the Big 12 is better than the Big Ten," if Nebraska wins it this year.

Ankeny kicker, Cole Netten, has verbally committed to Iowa State. That program takes its special teams seriously, and it pays off.

Bryan LaHair doesn't sound like a man that's very confident he'll get a shot in the Major's, next season. He's a really good hitter, but he's in his late 20's, and he's a first baseman. He reminds me of Jake Fox and Micah Hoffpauir. The Cubs can develop power-hitters, but they don't seem to be 'Big League' material. That being said, I'd love to see LaHair get a shot.

I slept through my fantasy football draft, last weekend. My good friends in the league stuck me with 10, (count 'em) TEN tight ends! That'll teach me...

I still can't believe NFL teams are going to kick off from the 35-yd line. If they move it up any further, teams might as well start kicking an onside every time...they wouldn't have much field position to lose.

I'm assuming you all saw Sunday's episode of 'Curb'. I really hope car periscopes aren't too far away.

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