Sunday, August 28, 2011

Game Week, Glory Days Of A 12 Year Old, MTV VMA's


Well we are now officially in game week for all area college football teams.  This week will consist of Kirk Ferentz telling us something to the effect of Tennessee Tech being a "good football team" even though we all know it will probably be a 56-3 type of game.  The Screaming Eagles (actually they're Golden Eagles if you give a crap) have played four 1-A teams in the last two years (2009-Georgia and Kansas State.  2010-TCU and Arkansas).  They lost all four games by a combined score of 193-17.  We'll try and get a comment from Screaming Eagles coach Hayden Fox about that later in the week.
Always Wanted To See The Battle Of The Haydens' (Fry and Fox)
A lot of people yawn when the 1-AA teams (I refuse to call them FCS on this blog) come in for a game.  There are basically two kinds of 1-AA teams.  One half are a group of teams that aren't well funded (to the point they don't have a full compliment of scholarships), usually aren't competitive, and would probably be better off in Division 2 (IE Tennessee Tech).  But there are a few teams (Appalachian State, Villanova, Montana, Cal Poly, North Dakota State) that are well funded and probably could compete at the 1-A level (obviously not in a BCS league but stick them in a Mountain West or Conference USA and they'd probably do fine).  The talent is getting better in 1-AA, and that's why we've seen a few more 1-AA's upset 1-A's recently.
At least that one can be blamed on the Chiz
Northern Iowa certainly belongs in that category.  Though they have been financially challenged, Mark Farley and his bunch are seldom ever a pushover for big schools anymore.  It's just Iowa State's luck that, in a year where their schedule is already as brutal as ever, they can't even get a cupcake for the opener.  Tirrell Rinnie will be much more composed than he was last year in their 27-0 loss, and with ISU starting a new QB under center, I think this one will be close ala the 2006 and 2007 games.  Though Paul Rhoads will have these Clones better prepared than any team in Gene Chizik's nightmare tenure (which included the 24-13 loss to UNI in 07).     

California won the Little League World Series.  Seems like a cool experience, but I really hope the highlight of a person's life doesn't come when they're 12 years old.  I remember that ESPN 30-for-30 on one of the LLWS teams that was complete with stories of guys who grew up and got into trouble and, long story short, pine for the glory days of the LLWS. 

These days parents are even more out of control.  I swear I heard that some of these moms went to stylists just so they'd be ready if they made it on TV.  Yeah, like you're really going to parlay four or five seconds of facetime into the acting career that never materialized when you were 22.

MTV held their Music Video  Awards tonight.  I don't get it.  How can you give out awards when pretty much all the music these days sucks?


Anonymous said...

I agree all the music they WOULD play on MTV would suck (Gaga, Katy Perry, Bieber, anything associated with Twilight movies) but they don't even play THOSE videos. Too busy with Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, etc. The only reason I know about these shows is when they advertise them on other networks.

Aaron said...

Hayden Fox DID play Hayden Fry. I believe it was on a season-ending episode of Coach. Hayden Fox's Minnesota St. makes it to their first ever bowl game, only to lose to the mighty Iowa Hawkeyes, something like 55-7.