Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Fred Flintstone in the Tigerhawk

  • Cardinals vs Brewers Tuesday night was an instant classic. Cards had to win. Cards did win. 8-7 in 11.
  • Kyle Orton is the most underrated quarterback in the NFL. It's good to hear from our friend Zubin Mehenti at KWGN in Denver that Orton is now taking all snaps with the #1 offense. Fans may want Tim Tebow, but players and coaches know Orton gives the Broncos a better chance of winning.
  • I realize a judges panel agrees with the U of I that the Southern Miss Golden Eagle too closely resembles Iowa's Tigerhawk, but I disagree. Sure, there is a resemblance, but it's not a copy. How many ways can you draw a yellow or gold bird? Southern Miss will have to make a lot of changes.

  • After I mentioned in our 10 p.m. newscast, that if you look at the Tigerhawk just right, you can see Fred Flintstone's head, John, Erin, Ed and the entire production crew stood around monitors staring... trying to see it. One-by-one, with a little help from me, they all yelled, "Got it!", or something similar. Director Chad Kendall kept trying but was still in a determined daze when I left. Do you see it? (I'll make it clear in the next blog.)


Evil Adam said...

It's closer to the Tigerhawk that lasted all of a few weeks a few years ago. Other than both being birds the only real similarity is the color scheme.

Kurt said...

If you read the decision, there was a lot of confusion. Nike sent a sample jacket for Iowa's approval that had the tigerhawk but said "Southern Miss" on it and Addidas sent a proof with the Southern Miss logo to Iowa for approval. If Nike & Addidas can't even get it right, how would someone buying something for an Iowa (or Southern Miss) grad but who isn't a fan themselves get it?