Monday, May 31, 2010

Hassel loses Mancard, Pirates Own Cubs, "There Are No Words"

  • I don't mind working holidays, except for the time away from the family, which is no small matter. However, the phone doesn't ring, emails screech to a halt, small-talk is nearly non-existent because smaller staff means smarter work habits, and someone always brings treats. All things considered, a pretty good day.
  • Never mind. I just got back from dinner. It's B-E-A-UTIFUL outside.
  • I'm watching the Stanley Cup finals. Hockey is the sport I appreciate more each year. I just love it in person, and with HD, it's like being there. 
  • I love elementary school "field days/Olympics" in Iowa. I've been to seven at Perkins Academy in Des Moines, and I'm always so impressed how encouraging the kids are to each other. Not a hater in sight. (Unfortunately, that's learned by some later in life.)
  • For those of you asking, Chris Hassel will be allowed back on SoundOFF Sunday night. We had to pull his mancard for seeing Sex & The City 2 on opening weekend. The best review I've seen says it's "awful and way too long".
  • The Cubs can't contend when they can't beat the lowly Pirates. The Cubs have lost 8 of 9 to the Pirates! That's terrible.
  • No one's hoping for better weather more than the Principal Charity Classic. It's a great tourney, and the skill humbles, but most fans won't sit in the rain---not for golf. I'm with most. 
  • Ate a good meal at Lonestar Steakhouse in Des Moines tonight, but for dessert I ordered a space heater. I remember from my days of working at the movie theater, the active employees set the thermostat for themselves, not the people sitting and freezing.
  • Andy just left for his annual trek to the Boundary Waters. He loves it. I'd rather watch Dancing with the Stars. 
  • I brought it too strong. I'd rather camp.
  • Andy left with a buzz cut to fight off ticks. You can't make it up. The way his hair grows, he'll return with an afro.
  • "Special Relationship" on HBO is good. Michael Sheen should play Tony Blair as much as possible. I couldn't picture Dennis Quaid as Bill Clinton, but Quaid pulled it off, though he's no Sheen as Blair.
  • My wife hates smores. Who hates smores? Sure they're messy, but that make up for it in sweet awesomeness.
  • "There Are No Words" promo for the Stanley Cup is great.
  • My heart says Celtics, my head Lakers.
  • Shawn Terrell claims he's been in Peterson, Iowa. I have no proof that such a town even exists.


former home of the Sioux Valley Soos! said...

Peterson exists...I grew up there, too!

Jill said...

I've been to a HS football game there! It does exist!

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