Monday, August 22, 2011

Letter To Iowa Corn Growers from Thinking Man's Fan

An open letter to Iowa Corn,

You’ve paid a lot of money to sponsor the Iowa State-Iowa Cy-Hawk series and you’re entitled to promote your organization, but not at the expense of the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Cyclone and Hawkeye fans. You put yourself ahead of the game – a big mistake, which you’re now surely aware of.

But all is not lost. This can be fixed. You can still turn a negative into a positive. All it takes is a new trophy. How hard is that?

It’s a trophy. You tried one design, it didn’t work, so try again.

Acknowledge that you’ve received the feedback, that you’ve listened to what everyone had to say, and based on this, you’re going to design a new trophy. The fans, who are also your consumers, get what they want, and you still come away from this looking pretty good. Everybody wins!

The Iowa State-Iowa game is much bigger than a football game or a title sponsor. It doesn’t belong to Iowa Corn or Iowa State University or the University of Iowa. It belongs to the people of Iowa, and they’ve spoken. Are you listening?

Thinking Man’s Fan


Anonymous said...

you should be mad at the fact that colleges accept sponsorships in the first place

Anonymous said...

Pardon, but I believe Iowa should be listed first :=)

Anonymous said...

I think the trophy should be Cy and Herky squaring off at the line of scrimmage. My comcern since this is such a big game why does not one local station carry it.

Keith Murphy said...

Television contracts signed by the universities.
Believe me, if a local station could secure rights, any and all would jump all over it.

Billy Ray said...

Here is my open letter to the Iowa Corn Growers;

Dear Iowa Corn Growers,

Your trophy sucks.


Anonymous said...

Well put, Keith.