Sunday, July 31, 2011

Football Starts Up, Miffed At Martensdale, QuickTrip Des Moines Hot Spot?


We really will be full tilt into football this week.  Iowa and Iowa State hold their media days, and even high school football begins practice on Wednesday. 

Count me in on the boat that can't wait to get out and see some football games, though I gotta admit it's a little weird to think that summer has gone by so fast.  If there is one downside to football season, it means we're not too far from cold weather and winter.  Still, I'm a native Iowan who grew up in a family that couldn't afford tickets to Iowa or Iowa State games.  How much do you think I'm gonna dig my first experiences on the sidelines?

National expectations around both Iowa and Iowa State are low.  I think both will be in for better years than most outside the state are expecting.  Iowa always plays better when they don't have sky high expectations, and ISU always seems to find a way to pull a few rabbits out of their hat (Nebraska and Texas wins).

We got some calls on SoundOFF from viewers particularly miffed (to the point of obscenity) about the backflip celebration that Martensdale-St. Marys had after winning their 87th straight game and second consecutive 1A State Title.  Was it a little much?  Yeah.  But these are 15-18 year old kids, many of whom played their last high school game.  Boys will be boys, and I've seen worse even at the college level.  I'm not sure how much of these complaints are legit or sour grapes.  One thing I do know is that the Blue Devils knew a lot of people around the state rooted against them this year, and they fed off it.

Andy Fales was a bit ticked the Cardinals lost to the Cubs tonight.  Look, I get that his team is in a pennant race, but the Cards are now 7-2 against the Cubs and had a six game winning streak against Chicago snapped tonight.  You can throw the dog a bone every now and then Mr. Fales.

So last night I'm driving home after the show and grabbing a quick drink at the QuickTrip store on Ingersoll near the station.  It's between 12:30 and 1 AM, and this place is PACKED.  Everything from kids to 20 somethings to middle aged people were there as much to hang out as they were there for buying stuff or getting gas.  Heck, when I left I was stopped on the road just by the place because some drunk girl in a very nice black dress suddenly got out of the passenger seat and stumbled across the street and into the store.
Can't Say The Highlight Of My Saturday Night Out Is A Stop At QT

Not that I'm bragging about my swinging bachelor night life (which usually consists of me either-A. Staying way to late at the station or B. Playing video games because I don't have the money to go out),  nor am I taking a dig at QuickTrip or any convenience stores (I worked at a few back in high school/college after all).  I guess I just wonder how or when did the QT become the hip, now, with it and wow spot of Des Moines?


Adam said...

Quiktrip is anything but a "hot spot." I was employed with the company from 1998-2008. I was wrongfully terminated from the company after 10 years of dedicated and loyal service. All due to me expressing my safety and security concerns on the DMR website forum, reporting workplace harrassment to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission and EEOC, being physically assaulted by a customer on QT property, while working on duty (which resulted in me receiving a broken jaw) and being stuck by a hypodermic needle while working cans and bottles (which resulted in me contracting hepatitis B. Yes, I was wearing rubber gloves) Needless to say, I DO NOT miss the mom & pop gas station, known as Quiktrip at all.

Rusty said...

Couldn't make that one up. You know kids these days, something as simple as hanging out is enough. Been a season ticket holder with my dad at the Hawk games since 2002, going to be an interesting year. Probably like the 2008 season as Coach Ferentz said. New Quarterback, new faces on defense. But as far as the D is concerned, they always find a way to make a quality D that Norm Parker. The line is going be be the biggest concern in my view. Going to have a stallion in the back field in running back Marcus Coker. Got McNutt and Kennan Davis coming back to lead the receiving corps, with maybe Don Shumpert and Adam Haluska's 6'4 little bro Blake, whom is a red shirt Freshmen this season.
As far as ISU is concerned, it is a mixed bag. One, you lose Nebraska as a rival, but on the other hand it is one less team that is going to beat them. On one hand you have to play everyone in the Big X, if not 8 teams. That includes seeing the Texas and Oklahoma schools more, but on the other hand you get to play them more, and ISU can draw fans, and potential recruits. This will either work out really great, or really badly.

Anonymous said...

I think people need to quit hating on Martensdale-St. Marys. I don't care whether you are a fan of theirs or not - what they did is simply impressive, period. Any team that holds a national record and is in Iowa should get our support.

As for Iowa and Iowa State, I don't really look for anything big out of either team. Iowa will still be Iowa... they'll find ways to get wins when they need a win but will be doing a lot of rebuilding. Very excited to see what Vandenberg will be doing on the field. Ferentz is a terrific coach and has the right assistants... Iowa will do alright.
As for Iowa State, they will also be in search of a solid QB to replace Arnaud. I like Tiller and think he'll do a fine job once he learns the offense. Like Zach, I think both teams will probably do better than projected.

Anonymous said...

The MSM basbeall team can proudly look back in 10-20 years and acknowledge that they were the first small school in Iowa to win the state Championship with players from 4 or 5 zip codes. Recruitment of players use to be something large schools accomplished. Now we can expect recruitment to become "normal" in the small schools. Thanks MSM for opening that smelly door that use to be relagated to big schools....I guess the high school Athletic Directors in Central Iowa won't be hounded by Westphals dad anymore to become a baseball coach. I wonder if the town of Lennox feels somewhat cheated. Westphals dad could have recruited those boys to play at that school.