Friday, August 06, 2010

All Things Iowa

For the first time, every Iowa football game is sold out prior to the start of the season.  More than 59,000 season tickets have been sold.  That's impressive.  There is, however, a chance a few seats could become available later in the season.  Each opposing school is allotted 4000 tickets for each game, and if the opposing school returns any of those tickets, they will go on sale to the general public.  But those seats suck.  Plus, you'd be stuck with the opposing fans for the entire game.  Either way, scalpers will have a field day on Melrose this fall.

Iowa media day came and went, and we really don't know anything we didn't know on Monday.  Kirk Ferentz cleared the air at Big Ten Media days earlier in the week.  Still, Friday was one of the only times of the year that every player and coach is available for an interview.  After today, we won't hear anything from the true freshman, and Norm and Ken won't talk again until (presumably) before the bowl game.

Everyone always asks me how good the Hawks will be this year.  And my answer is always the same.  It depends which way the bounces go.  It's easy to forget, Iowa was a few plays away from being (record-wise) a mediocre football team in 2009.  Except for 2002, Kirk Ferentz hasn't really had a dominating team at Iowa.  But the Hawks had great records in '03, '04, '08, and '09 because the bounces went their way and they won most of the close games.  We'll find out soon what kind of karma Iowa has this season.  Kickoff is one month away.  Can't wait.


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