Thursday, August 19, 2010

Insert Creative Headline Here

I've started a letter-writing campaign.  I'm petioning HBO to make "Hard Knocks" a season-long show.  It's phenomenal television, but I'm already bummed out because there's only two episodes left.

As a Bears fan, I've never liked Brett Favre.  But I always respected him... that is, until two years ago.  What a flake.

I'm so starved for football, I've been watching football replays on the Big Ten Network for the last two weeks.  I've also been watching preseason game replays late at night on the NFL Network. I hate to see summer end, but the dawn of football season makes it easier to swallow.

I had no idea the restoration of Hilton Coliseum would take nearly three months.  What a shame.

The first "Big Game" of the High School football season is Dowling vs. Valley.  Who ya got?


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