Friday, August 27, 2010

SoundOff 700, Orr Bronzed, Pack Attack

  • I'll keep it brief, because it's 12:30 AM and I just finished looking through more SoundOff tapes. Sunday is our 700th show, and we're going to show a lot of clips from the first 699. This week is one of the rare times I wish I worked at a network where a staff of dozens goes through all the tape. Here, it's me. It has provided me with laughs and cringes. I also can make the time by my hair getting shorter and grayer.
  • I've warmed to the idea of honoring Johnny Orr with a statue at Hilton Coliseum. I pushed for the Johnny Orr Court, or Orr Floor, but Cyclone fans can't really have their picture taken with a wooden court. They'll gather around the Orr statue the way Bulls fans do with Michael Jordan at the United Center. That's better for a guy like Johnny who's always at his best making fans smile.
  • It's only preseason, but the Packers sure looked great Thursday night. 59 points! If only fantasy season had begun.
  • The Cardinals are making Andy Fales, Bill Fennelly, and Dave Price really grumpy.
  • Back to the video tapes. Please join us for SoundOff 700 Sunday night at 10:30 PM. We're back to an hour.

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Anonymous said...

You're back to an hour! That's the best news I've heard all week!