Thursday, August 05, 2010

Brawling at Graduation, Catch of the Century, A-Fraud

  • The Big Ten's first football championship game will take place in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. That's no surprise. The home of the Colts is a nice place, though I still think of Big Ten football being outdoors in the December cold.
  • Paul Rhoads is so fired up right now, I hope he makes it all the way to the first game. Less than a month to go. Hang in there, coach. Save some.
  • A-Rod's 600th left me cold. I don't hate Alex Rodriguez---I don't know him---but I hate the way the cheaters forever ruined one of the best parts of baseball: meaningful numbers. A-Rod is a talented baseball player, but he'd be nowhere near 600 without all the steroids.
  • A-Rod apologists, i.e. Yankee fans, need to stop emailing me how, "at least A-Rod confessed and apologized". He didn't come forward because his conscience got to him, he did it because he got caught.
  • Iowa's Adrian Clayborn is now #5 on Mel Kiper's NFL draft list for next year. Clayborn lists Kiper #3 on his scary hairdo list.
  • Parents in California brawled at a kindergarten graduation because of a Facebook post dissing the Lakers. This begs the question... why was there a kindergarten graduation?
  • Remember when Mark Prior pitched for the Iowa Cubs. It was absolutely electric. Prior was cool too. He took his teammates out for dinner, and thanked all the fans in a Des Moines Register ad. Now at age 29, Prior signs with the Orange County Flyers. Who? The Orange County Flyers. Don't put Strasburg in the Hall of Fame yet.
  • Joe Posnanski's Sports Illustrated cover story on Stan Musial was perfect. What a great read.
  • Some roles should never be attempted because they were played perfectly the first time. Who had a worse idea, Adam Sandler attempting Paul Crewe in Longest Yard, or Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau? Burt Reynolds and Peter Sellers, respectively, made sequels a bad idea.
  • I can't wait to see "The Other Guys". Yes, I love Will Ferrell movies, but this one is actually getting good reviews.
  • I leave you with the greatest baseball catch  I've ever seen: