Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perspective, F-bombs, and Uncle-hood.

The water in Ames is receding, but it won't be gone anytime soon.  And the forecast calls for more rain in northern Iowa in the coming days... here's hoping it's minimal. As I write this, the folks at Iowa State are pumping flood water out of Hilton Coliseum.  Until the water is gone, they won't know how long it will take to renovate Hilton or how much it will cost.  While the flooding at ISU is a huge inconvenience and expense, everyone at the university seems to have a good perspective... meaning they realize many others across the state have suffered greater tragedies.  The video and interviews with people that have lost loved ones or their homes is truly heartbreaking.

On a lighter note, I absolutely loved the first episode of "Hard Knocks" Wednesday night. Rex Ryan stole the show with both his candor and colorful language.  Ryan seems to be the definition of a "players' coach." "Hard Knocks" has been around for years, but the show is on its way to receiving unprecedented coverage from the media.  I've seen three seperate articles on today about information that was revealed in the show.  I'm guessing the fact that the Jets play in the country's top media market has something to do with it. One of the aforementioned articles dealt with Rex Ryan's mother.  Apparently, she didn't approve of her son's repeated use of the "f" word.  Ryan dropped at least a dozen f-bombs in the first episode.  I understand mom's position, but I hope Rex continues to spew away.  That's the sailor in me.

Finally, I met my nephew Henry for the first time on Thursday.  I've never been one to "ooh and ahh" over babies, but Henry is the exception.  My brother and his wife don't know it yet, but Henry is getting a drum set for Christmas this year. :)


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