Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flushed Out, Hawks #1, Keno Blasted

You have to feel for the Iowa State volleyball team. The Cyclones spent the last few years building up one of the best home court advantages in all of collegiate volleyball, and they won't even be able to play at home. The flood waters have forced the program to move all of its home games out of Hilton Coliseum, and into the Ames High School gym. ISU averaged 2,700 fans in 2009. Ames high only holds 2,000.

Hawkeye fans always think the Iowa football team has a chance to reach the BCS title game, and this year they're not alone. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/preview10/news/story?id=5467170 

I've become somewhat of a Twitter junkie over the past few months (hassel13 if you wish to follow). Keith (murph_13) has been on board for a while, but Shawn and Andy have been stubborn holdouts. I expect Shawn to join in within the month. Andy is likely many months away.

Speaking of Twitter, I had been reading, all day, to stay away from spam known as Twifficiency. Some 17-year-old kid built a program to calculate your own Twitter efficiency, based on your numbers of tweets, and followers. Many warned me to stay away, but that just made me want to try it even more. It turns out my score is 18%. I have no idea what it means, and now I'm going to be worried about some teenager from Britain hacking into my account. Not worth it.

Drake head football coach, Chris Creighton, is Paul Rhoads lite. He's an entertaining guy to listen to, and he's very honest about how he runs his program. Every year, he spends 2-4 months coming up with a theme for the upcoming season. This years theme is "rabid". Creighton explained it by saying, "Rabid is off the chart. It's no longer in the normal realm and, at times, maybe even a bit irrational." Sounds like they're ready to have some fun.

Keno Davis is just two years removed from being named National Coach of the Year. After a pair of lackluster season's at Providence, the former Drake coach is starting to feel the heat. Fans are beginning to lose their patience, and a recruits father is now calling him a "bad guy". http://hoopsblog.projo.com/2010/08/joseph-young-lo.html

I'm a big fan of old sports clips. This one, is definitely in my top 5. If you like big comebacks and crazy announcers with Texas slang....you'll love it. If you haven't seen it, be patient. You won't be disappointed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHkABO0VwCg

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Anonymous said...

Oh boo hoo, a 19 year old and his dad are mad because he's being held to his commitment. The sooner you learn to stay true to your word, the better off you'll be. I'm glad to see Keno and PC's administration stand up for themselves and holding a guy to his NLI. Something I wish ISU would do occasionally.....stand up for their institution against indecisive kids.