Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cast Your Kernel

I spent Saturday afternoon manning Channel 13's "Cast Your Kernel" booth at the Iowa State Fair.  The object is simple.  Fair-goers chose who they want Iowa's next governor to be by placing a corn kernel in a mason jar representing either Terry Branstad or Chet Culver.  Below is a top ten list of the most frequent questions and comments uttered during my time at the booth.

10. Who are you? You work at Channel 13?
9.    I listen to you guys on the radio all the time.
8.   Where's the jar to vote for neither?
7.   Where's the jar to vote for Jonathan Narcisse?
6.   There's a chunk of corndog stuck in your front tooth.
5.   How do I get to the backgammon tournament?
4.   What's the deal with Brandon Wegher?
3.   I was on Channel 13 one time three years ago. Can you get me a copy of that?
2.   Hot enough for ya?!?
1.   Where's Ed Wilson?

Gotta love the State Fair.



Anonymous said...

I got to the state fair to remind me how "normal" my family is. Just kidding all! I always have a blast at the fair!

Billy Ray said...

Hey, who counts those kernels anyway? If you need a guy, I am available. I have a calculator and everything.

I trust this job pays by the hour.

Look forward to working with you!