Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jordan Rides Bus, Favre Needs Receivers, Grayer Leaves Bummed

  • Another terrific 30 for 30 from ESPN. Ron Shelton's "Jordan Rides the Bus" takes us back to what now seems couldn't have really happened: Michael Jordan temporarily stopped playing basketball in his prime and switched to baseball. The video of Jordan swinging the bat for the Birmingham Barons remains surreal.
  • The documentary makes the strong case the murder of Jordan's father, and the love they shared of baseball, gave MJ an outlet to take his mind off his grief and, at the same time, honor his dad. The theory the NBA forced Jordan out because of his gambling problem comes off as laughable (Commissioner David Stern understandably begged Jordan to reconsider).
  • As I look back, I regret I was snarky about Jordan's pursuit. I now see it as something that took guts, sacrifice, and hard work. Since it was sincere, it's really one of the coolest things a superstar has ever done. I was wrong.
  • Brett Favre better call a couple of the receivers in his Wranglers commercial.
  • All Carlos Zambrano needed to rehab his temper is a little time in Des Moines.
  • I feel bad for Jeff Grayer. The Cyclone legend really wanted to coach at Iowa State, but Fred Hoiberg, who was in a tough spot, didn't name Grayer one of his three fulltime assistants. Hoiberg did offer Grayer an administrative position, but Jeff decided he'd rather return to Michigan and be with his family. No one's at fault here---Greg McDermott hired Grayer, not Hoiberg---it's just a shame Grayer leaves without fulfilling his dream.
  • Milwaukee just put up a statue of Bud Selig at Miller Park. He's not looking the other way. Brewers fans do appreciate that Selig brought baseball back to Milwaukee.
  • I watched Sunday's Vikings game with Packer fans in a Milwaukee bar. The loudest cheer of the night---by far---was when the 49ers sacked Favre and he fumbled.
  • One of my co-workers said today that fantasy football players are worse than comic book geeks. He might be right. They're now even starting to wear t-shirts. Here are some that don't suck:

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