Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Enough Rain Already, Hellboy Tames Tigers, Newton Double Down

  • Another storm as I blog? Really?! These aren't just mild storms either. They're movie special f/x, wake you up out of a dead sleep, trash the entire neighborhood type storms. Enough! Uncle.
  • Ed Wilson's off this week. He's building an ark.
  • Just got a text from my good friend, Rod Bodholdt, in Ames. He says it's getting bad up there. Our thoughts are with all people dealing with the flooding. Hang in there.
  • I-Cubs home game Wednesday should be nice and warm. Around 105 degrees on the heat index.  Think how the Famous Chicken felt Tuesday night. I hear he wears icepack underwear, but that might not be enough.
  • Jeremy Hellickson is the real deal. As good as Hellboy was in his major league debut, he was even better in game two. (The other rookie pitching phenom, Steven Strasburg was rocked on the same night.) It was nice to see how proud all Jeremy's family and friends are in Des Moines. They're nice people.
  • Jeremy's dad, Steve, tells me Jeremy's in the show for good now. If he's not, the Rays deserve to lose.
  • Brandon Wegher missed another practice Tuesday. I think he'll be back with the Hawkeyes soon.
  • Iowa is #6 in Sports Illustrated's first poll. That should help tamp down expectations.
  • Did you see that Reds-Cardinals brawl? This is going to be a fun pennant race.
  • The Iowa Speedway is a near lock to have two NASCAR Nationwide series races next year. That's a big deal for a track making all the right moves.
  • I'm disappointed Friday Night Lights is over for another season. It's so good, it makes me want to buy DirecTV just so I don't have to wait as long to see the final season (which will be show later on NBC).
  • Another great episode of Rescue Me. Emmy voters, stop ignoring Denis Leary.
  • If you like U2 or Radiohead, I think you'll love Arcade Fire's new album, The Suburbs.
  • Count me in for The Expendables. I love all those aging action stars. Well, most of them.
  • Pirahna 3D? Do we need to see fish eat human flesh in 3D.
  • I'm headed to KC this weekend to see the Royals & Royals. Damn Yankees.

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