Thursday, July 07, 2011

2998, 10-9, 42

  • 2998 for Derek Jeter. He'll try to pick up two hits Friday... against Des Moines' Jeremy Hellickson. I think Hellickson stays out of highlights played through infinity, but if he gives up the magic number, he'll raise his profile considerably.
  • Horrible Bosses looks funny, and provides an opportunity for almost anyone to tell a story.
  • I'll get stuck with Zookeeper. Haven't we seen this movie before when it was called Dr. Doolittle?
  • The Cubs rallied from an 8-0 hole to beat the Nats 10-9 Thursday night. I can't believe I just typed that.
  • A Rangers fan died after leaning over the railing and falling twenty feet. The fan was trying to catch a ball tossed up by all-star Josh Hamilton. Just a sad story. I can't imagine how distraught Hamilton must feel, though he was clearly just being a good guy.
  • The Energy is now affiliated with the Bulls, Wizards, and Hornets. That's a busy team.
  • My glorious 42" HDTV just turned to a bunch of green squiggly lines. I tried all connections, and they seem solid. Can a Sony TV crap out after just a few years?

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