Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hammer, The Trade, The Z

It took Norwalk's Joel Hanrahan a long time, and a lot of work, to pitch his way to the MLB All-Star game. I only know Joel through radio conversations, but those who know him well speak highly, and it was straight cool to see The Hammer on the mound in the 9th inning throwing smoke.

Padres closer Heath Bell made a great entrance---the sprint and slide. The Giants Brian Wilson has that crazy black beard. Hanrahan enters to Des Moines' Slipknot. All these guys owe a tip of the cap to Charlie Sheen's Wild Thing. He took all this to a different level didn't he?

Speaking of closers, the Brewers just traded for K-Rod. The Cardinals need to make a move NOW.

Back to the All-Star Game. I enjoyed it. Jose Bautista made a great catch. Adrian Gonzalez homered to give the American League an early lead. A lead taken away by the 3-run homer of MVP Prince Fielder. (National League won 5-1.) The game only lasted three hours too. It took less time than the Home Run Derby, which seems like it's still going.

More Mount Rushmores on The Murph  & Andy Show. For Cyclones, Andy and I chose Johnny Orr, Gary Thompson, Cael Sanderson, and Troy Davis. Listeners agreed with Orr, Thompson, and Sanderson, but opted for Fred Hoiberg, not Troy Davis.

For sportscasters/writers, we went with Jim Zabel, Pete Taylor, Ronald Reagan, Sec Taylor. The peoples choice: Zabel, Pete Taylor, Gary Dolphin, and John Walters.

Wednesday it's greatest female sports figures and the Mount Rushmore of Drake.


Anthill_Goddess said...

I'm sorry, but for the kids I worked with I will always be "The Hammer"...not this dude. (How do you get "hammer" out of last name is at least Ham!???)

There was an all-star game? Hasn't this season gone on long enough, already? Bring on some football!!

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