Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cup Classic, Broken Bat, Franny Mac Returns

What a day it was to sit in the air conditioning, and watch some TV. The World Cup final was fantastic. The Americans blew it, but you have to feel good for the folks in Japan. They needed it.

Across the English Channel, in England, we had another feel-good winner. Darren Clarke, who almost gave up the game of golf, won the Open Championship after a hard charge by Phil Mickelson. I gotta be honest, I didn't see a lick of action, this week. It was always over before I even woke up.

I've been at every I-Cubs game, this weekend, and today was by far the most ridiculous. The heat index was 112-degrees, and the seats were about 200-degrees. Fans needed to sit on wet towels to keep from burning their fanny's.

At Saturday night's game, I caught a broken bat that flew into the stands --- not really. Someone else caught it, and the usher took it away and let me see it. Luckily, I-Cubs owner, Michael Gartner was there and gave the usher the okay to give it back. The reason they take the bats away is because they're considered a deadly object.

When Anthony Hubbard left Iowa, on Thursday, he said he would like to play "perhaps" closer to home. Perhaps not. Hubbard is reportedly talking with Nebraska, which is located 300 miles farther away from his home state of Maryland. I doubt the Hawkeyes are going to let him transfer to a school within the Big Ten --- especially Nebraska.

The Martensdale-St. Marys baseball team has tied the national record for consecutive wins. They'll likely break the record, Tuesday night, in the substate final against Twin Cedars. I'm going to go ahead and put that one in the win column considering Twin Cedars is 12-21 on the year. 

State baseball begins later this week. State softball begins, Monday. I'll be in Fort Dodge for the first two days of the championships. I'm going to buy SPF-900 sunscreen. I usually like being out in the heat, but this isn't heat --- it's hell.

Fran McCaffery makes his return to SoundOFF, tonight.

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