Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flying Sausage, Osemele Impatient, DJK Denial

It's brat season. Most people grill them, others chuck them...

Kyle Orton looks like he's on his way out in Denver. The Broncos want to get rid of him before he becomes a free agent after the season. The Dolphins appear to be the front-runner for Orton's services. I'd say Miami sounds a little better in the winter than a mile high.

Cyclone fans aren't the only ones getting antsy about the ISU quarterback situation. Offensive lineman Keleche Osemele was asked what he would like to see heading into August practice. He answered, "I'd like to find a quarterback." Most ISU insiders believe it's going to be Steele Jantz.

Adrian Clayborn signed a 4-year, $8.2M deal with the Bucs --- and it's all guaranteed money. He's the first rookie to have his entire contract guaranteed since Rick Mirer, in 1993. I hope that's not a bad omen.

DJK still insists that he hasn't signed with the Eagles. That's contrary to what every NFL website in the world is saying. I honestly don't know what to believe. On Tuesday, he told me to call him back on Wednesday and he would tell me the whole story. When I called him, he answered --- and then hung up on me. DJK loooooves being an enigma.

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Anthill_Goddess said...

Steele Jantz just has a "big-time QB" type name, doesn't he?

The COMMENTS about the brat story were almost as funny as the story itself. I explained to hubby that if the "evidence" was anything more than a grease stain I would feel badly laughing...but since it isn't, I don't. =D