Monday, July 04, 2011

Pujols Back, Clemens' Kid Juices I-Cubs, Andy Fales Tweets

Happy Birthday USA.  You may be pushing 250 but you're still looking fine.

So just how bad is the Hawkeyes season opener against Tennessee Tech probably going to be?  The Golden Eagles played a pair of BCS Bowl teams in TCU (Rose Bowl) and Arkansas (Sugar Bowl).  They lost by a combined score of 106-10 (44-3 at Arkansas, 62-7 at TCU).
The Cubs lost today on a walkoff wild pitch by Carlos Marmol.  At least they find new and entertaining ways to lose.  Hawkeye and Cyclone fans are counting down the days till kickoff.  Cub fans are counting down the days till the season ends (only 85 to go!).

Albert Pujols said he may be ready to play tomorrow.  That's incredible.  Hopefully he's not risking any further injury.  I know he wants to get back, but is it really worth it to push to play the last couple games before they go to the All-Star break?  Use the extra days to keep getting right.

Roger Clemens' son Koby hit a pair of homeruns for Oklahoma City to cool off the I-Cubs 3-2.  I hear there was some real "juice" in those long balls.

In a development that easily ranks right up there with cavemen discovering fire, Andy Fales made his first tweet today.  He was grumpy and complained about how Twitter cuts into his independence since he'll have to update it all the time.  Twitter won't change Andy.  Andy might change Twitter.

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