Friday, July 08, 2011

Daly Double, Watch-Lists, Caught Stealing


The only thing uglier than John Daly's outfit, was his scorecard. The poor guy took a 13 on the par-4, 4th. I've played Deere Run dozens of times and I can proudly say, I've never carded a 13.

Some guy named Chez is leading the John Deere Classic. Outside of Chez's 14 family members, that won't get anyone excited. The good news (for the JDC) is, two-time defending champion, Steve Stricker, is only two strokes off the pace. No golfer has won back-to-back-to-back tournaments since some guy named Tiger won his third straight WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in 2007.

Is the JDC the easiest tournament on the PGA Tour? Chez is on pace to shoot 28-under. That's just ridiculous. This is why I love to watch the US Open. It's usually the one time a year when the pro's look like the Joe's.

There are few things less interesting than pre-season watch lists, but at least it gives us a chance to talk college football. Iowa's Shaun Prater and ISU's Jake Knott are up for the Nagurski award, givin to the nation's top defensive player. The Outland watch list names Iowa's Riley Rieff, and ISU's Kelechi Osemele.

Kirk Ferentz's sheriff, Ron Stewart, has been named to the Barney Fife pre-season watch list.

I somehow lost by lob wedge at an Iowa golf course, this month. If anyone finds a Titleist 60-degree with a yellow grip, please send it to the TV station. My short game has gone to hell in a golf bag.

So we'll never again see a space shuttle lift off from Cape Canaveral? That's kind of sad. Although, I would like to know what all we've accomplished by sending men and women into space.

I'm watching Dateline NBC (as I do every Friday during the summer because I'm too lazy to change the channel), and they're interviewing a few jurors from the Casey Anthony trial. One of them looks like he's been on a Florida beach for the past month. This thing is starting to make sense to me.

Anthony has reportedly already been offered a part in a porn flick. Experts also say that she could make several million dollars by selling her story. The good news (for her) is, 12 people have already bought it.

Does anyone care about the Women's World Cup? The only person I've heard talk about it is our intern, Mel. It just so happens that she's a member of the Drake soccer team.

Yao Ming retired today. He becomes the first player in NBA history to retire before actually playing a meaningful game.

There's nothing better than stumbling upon a good show that's been on TV for years, and having the ability to watch episode-after-episode on DVD. 'The Wire' is that show, this summer. I just finished season one, and I love it. If only I had never watched a single Seinfeld episode before.

Check out the reaction by Red Sox announcers after a fan gets caught stealing 2nd base.


Damaged Rooster said...

Make sure you tell Murphy, I've been telling him about "The Wire" for years. Seasons 1-4 are stellar, but season 5 tries to pack too much in too fast and it totally runs off the tracks.

Breaking Bad is another show that is great to watch on DVD. I just got caught up on the first 3 seasons and season 4 starts in a week or so. You have to watch that show from the beginning, otherwise you will be lost.

Purdy Weird said...

You need a rim shot after a few of those comments. :-)

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