Friday, July 01, 2011

Too Hot for Makeup, MC22 Does it Again, Fareway Lady


Okay, let me rephrase what I said about liking the heat. I like it when I'm dressed for it, but I hate it when I'm not. Tonight, after I walked off the anchor desk at 6pm, I went to shoot the I-Cubs --- in a suit, tie, and makeup. It was awful.

Even though it's hotter than two mice making whoopee in a wool sock, I'd still rather be outing at an I-Cubs or Menace game, than inside at a Barnstormers game. We only get weather nice enough to wear T-shirts outside about 4 months a year. I like to enjoy it.

Why, in the name of awful TV, is there a Quad-Cities high school softball game on MC22 when the Barnstormers are supposed to be on? They're tape-delaying the Barnstormers telecast until 10pm. Apparently, the three people that were at this softball game needed to see their kids on crappy standard def TV. I do give them props for unveiling the newest advancement in TV technology --- smurf-vision.

The crowds are getting pretty sparse at Wells Fargo Arena, for Barnstormers game. The good news is, the Stormers finally won, and Brad Banks was under center. Better late than never.
It was "Beer Day" on the Murph n Andy show, today...otherwise known as the best day of the year. It sounds like Andy wants to try his hand at beer brewing. Last week it was moonshine, now it's beer...maybe next week he'll have his own dairy cow.
Hy-Vee is paying that Curtis Stone dude about $3-million for its advertising campaign. I wonder how much Fareway is paying it's spokeswoman. My guess is, they give her free ceral or something.

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