Friday, July 01, 2011

Streak Ends, LD Returns, Bud Blunder


The I-Cubs finally got beat, but it took a 2-out grand slam in the top of the 9th to do it. So long 7-game winning-streak.

Adrian Clayborn says he skipped the rookie symposium because he's always been broke, so he won't have a problem hanging on to his money. What to do with your new-found riches is one of many things they talk about at the symposium, but it wasn't the only thing. Here's what former NFL head coach Herm Edwards had to say...and he didn't hold back.

It's hot outside, but I'm not complaining. I played 18 holes, today, and loved every minute of it.
Larry David tore things up on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, Wednesday. I never watch the interview portion of a talk show, but LD is must-see TV. The Curb Your Enthusiasm season premiere airs Sunday, July 10th, on HBO.

We had a tasty discussion about the best Prime Rib in Central Iowa, on the Murph n Andy show. It all started when our intern, Zack Spears, said there were no good steak places in town. That's just not true. The best prime rib I've had is at Sam and Gabe's, in Urbandale. I never understand why people would order chicken, or pork, in a restaurant. There's just no way to top a great steak or prime rib.

Any now, for your random pic of the day. Do I really need a reason to post these Erin Kiernan photos, again? I didn't think so...

I don't like the new Budweiser cans. It's not that I'm not patriotic...I just think the vintage Budweiser cans are the best-looking cans of anything, anywhere. I can't wait to see the old cans again, after July 4th.

Keith's Mom continues to improve following surgery. He sent me a text saying she was one morphine drip away from "planking" in the ICU. Keith should be back, on Sunday, for SoundOFF.
Is it football season, yet?

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Anonymous said...

Glad Keith's mom continues to make progress...thanks for the updates.

If Erin would blog on a regular basis, she could have the chance to get back at you! :)