Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mr. 3,000, November 25th, Big Ten Stadiums


I don't like Derek Jeter, but I love how he got to 3,000 hits.

The John Deere Classic has been fighting an uphill battle since its inception. Any tournament positioned one week before The Open Championship is going to struggle to get big names, but no one is going to want to come if Steve Stricker is in the field. The guy is one round away from winning his third straight JDC title.

The Barnstormers have won more games in July than they had won the previous 3 months combined.

I love the idea of having Netflix on my iPhone, but I have never used it.

Not only is chicken half as good as steak, it takes twice as long to cook. I try to be healthy, but sometimes it's just too hard.

Only 138 days until Iowa visits Nebraska. I don't care if the Hawks are 3-8 when they head to Lincoln, that game is going to be intense.

Jake Christensen is the worst Iowa quarterback I've ever seen. The BTN keeps replaying the Iowa-Indiana game from 2007. In my opinion, that was the worst game in the Ferentz era. Even worse than the loss to Western Michigan.

I've been to every Big Ten Stadium except for PSU, Indiana, and Purdue. Here's how I would rank the 9 I've experienced:

1. Ohio State (by far)
2. Iowa
3. Michigan
4. Nebraska
5. Wisconsin
6. Michigan State
7. Illinois
8. Minnesota
9. Northwestern

I can't believe people complain about this hot weather. We get it two months a year. Enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

What's the criteria fo your rankings? Was your visit to Minnesota to the Dome or their new stadium?