Saturday, July 02, 2011

Quade Blows Up, Job Security, Carpet Bomb For Keith


Mike Quade probably doesn't miss his old Iowa Cubs salary or the differences of living in Des Moines compared to Chicago.  But you have to wonder if he misses managing the Iowa Cubs right now.  The nightmare of a year continued today when Quade was tossed in the second inning of their 1-0 loss to the White Sox.  Sad thing is Quade had a legit beef, he was arguing a double play call in which replay showed the Sox second baseman clearly missed the bag.
Mike just needs to find a happy Des Moines?

Quade's getting a lot of heat from Cub fans.  I think most of that is because they passed on Ryne Sandberg.  I got news Cub fans-if you think Ryno would have won with this Cub team you're nuts.  You could win manager of the year if you go 81-81 with this group.  Once the Cubs dump the contracts of aging and under-performing vets (IE Kosuke Fukudome), then we'll see how Quade does.

The I-Cubs continue to be the anti-Chicago Cubs.  They've won nine of their last ten after beating New Orleans 9-4.  Sucks they won't be in town on July 4th.  They wrap up the 13-game homestand tomorrow night.
Kick it or get kicked out
I think the guy who gets knives thrown at him in the circus has a better chance of lasting longer than anyone who kicks for the Iowa Barnstormers this year.  Last night Nich Pertuit (the fifth Barnstormer kicker this year) probably ensured he'd finish the year.  Pertuit hit the game winning field goal and was a perfect 6-6 on extra points (the first time all year Iowa made all their extra points in a game).  After the game coach J.T. Smith said he threatened to take Pertuit's lunch money if he missed the kick.  I believe him.

Keith is back tomorrow after tending to his mom's surgery in Florida.  I'm sure Keith has to be hurting for Paul Rhoads.  Paul's 78-year old mother Mary passed away after a fight with Alzheimer's.  Everyone in the sports department sends our thoughts and prayers to coach Rhoads.

On the lighter side, we wanted to welcome Keith back, so we decided to leave a mess for him......
Welcome back boss!

Okay the truth is the new carpet is going in and because of it we had to move everything off the floor.  It looks like a bomb went off.  Not really our fault, but Keith is the one who always says we need to do some "spring cleaning".  I have this feeling his eyes will get wider than the guys in "Total Recall" who got sucked into an oxygen-less Mars atmosphere.

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