Monday, October 04, 2010

Hawks Rock, Cy Shootout, Cutler Sacked

  • What an absolutely awesome weekend for the Big Two football programs in our state. The Kinnick Stadium crowd looked amazing on television---the place was rocking---and Iowa dominated Penn State in deliberate, methodical fashion. That defense is ridiculous.
  • Christian Ballard made one of the all time great goal line plays. I still can't believe he found a way to keep Penn State's QB out of the end zone, when it looked like he was a lock to cross the plane.
  • I know Hawk fans---and football fans period---wanted to see Iowa keeps passing, and keep scoring, but that's not Ferentz football. He's conservative, and it works. Plus, no way he tries to embarrass Joe Paterno.
  • Iowa State had the second biggest win of the Rhoads era, and though not as surprising as winning at Nebraska, outscoring Texas Tech in a shootout is something most of us did not see coming. 52 points!?
  • Paul Rhoads called the win a potential turning point. With ISU's schedule, we'll find out.
  • I'm happy for Austen Arnaud. Not only did Arnaud show why he's the starter, but he played hurt, and played the game of his life. Arnaud is so well liked and respected, no one likes criticising him, and this week, no one should.
  • With Iowa off, and great weather expected, there is no reason Iowa State shouldn't have the biggest crowd in Jack Trice Stadium history (new configuration) for #10 Utah. Cyclone fans, local football fans, it's time to show up.
  • Colorado Buffs fans stormed the field after beating 1-4 Georgia. The standards have fallen in Boulder.
  • New AP college football poll has no USC, Penn State, Texas, or Notre Dame. (Iowa is #15.)
  • The Bears-Giants game Sunday night was AWFUL. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Jay Cutler was mugged (and held on to the football too long).
  • Eagles fans, good job giving McNabb an ovation. He deserved it. I knew you'd surprise people.
  • Falcons,  you should go back to wearing those red helmets every week.
  • Why doesn't Des Moines have a Steak N Shake?!

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